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From Glenn Holmer <>
Subject NetBeans 9.0 VC2 build artefacts uploaded to for NetCAT
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2018 23:03:47 GMT
On 07/05/2018 07:34 AM, Emilian Bold wrote:
> Build artefacts for NetCAT are available here:

Imported 8.2 settings, installed nb-javac, everything seems very smooth.
Worked on a Swing program under JDK10 for about an hour, debugged,
profiled, gitted, &c., no problems.

The only thing that really stuck out is the splash during updates
("updating... turning on modules..."); the font that shows those
messages is infinitesimally small.

Glenn Holmer (Linux registered user #16682)
"After the vintage season came the aftermath -- and Cenbe."

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