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From Luca Mambretti <>
Subject NetBeanst 9.0 RC1 partial freeze
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2018 12:01:28 GMT
Hi everyone, 

I've recently started using the 9.0 RC1 build to work on a spring-boot 2.0.2 project that
will be running on Java 10. 

Since it's a REST based project that provides REST services over a tomcat instance I've added
the EE modules to the base SE IDE (the module add process worked flawlessly); unfortunately
while working I've got some weird exceptions, I've reported the first one on JIRA, but then
they just started popping out and eventually the IDE partially froze and I was forced to kill
it externally, the strange thing is that it wan not completely frozen, I could still move
things around but no matter what I did I could not close it normally nor save files I had
opened and modified, after a fresh start everything seems to be back to normal. 

Has anyone else noticed something similar or I'm the only one?? 

Attached you can find the log files for this pseudo freeze, if you feel it's worth it I will
open a bug, but since it's a freeze with potential loss of data it should be critical/blocker
so before opening it i would like to have some kind of confirmation that it's not just in
my mind. 


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