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From Glenn Holmer <>
Subject Re: What's next?
Date Mon, 21 May 2018 11:56:50 GMT
On 05/21/2018 04:06 AM, Geertjan Wielenga wrote:
> Well, yes, under Apache the role of NetCAT is a bit different. I am sure
> there'll be an acceptance survey. However, under Apache, the only final and
> valid vote takes place on the Apache NetBeans dev mailing list. For sure,
> if the NetCAT acceptance survey fails, that will be noticed by those voting
> in the Apache NetBeans dev mailing list and they won't let the vote succeed
> without the NetCAT acceptance survey succeeding. But, yes, indeed, you need
> to sign up to the Apache NetBeans dev mailing list to participate in the
> official voting for Apache NetBeans releases.

I didn't mean to cause any confusion. I've seen people asking about the
status of the release, so I posted about the vote thread. It's basically
just asking "is this one OK to release as RC1?". If so, then we
NetCATters get to pound on it and give an opinion. Right?

> There's a lot of fun to be had, still, in other words. :-)

Big fun, yes! Very exciting days for NetBeans!

Glenn Holmer (Linux registered user #16682)
"After the vintage season came the aftermath -- and Cenbe."

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