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From Jiří Kovalský <>
Subject Re: Java Editor Tribe Codefolding review
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2018 00:45:51 GMT
Dne 20.3.2018 v 19:22 José J. Rodriguez napsal(a):

> Jiří Kovalský wrote:
>> No need to enter your findings anywhere. Simply clone the old test 
>> specification for 9.0 version and do all edits in the new one. Then 
>> inform your tribe leader or me with Hermien and we will update your 
>> tribe accordingly to link the latest specification.
> Ok, cloned the specs:

> BTW, there are a couple of issues linked there which referenced 8.0 and 
> are marked resolved anyway, I figure they can be deleted from the 9.0 spec?

Yes, of course. Removing of obsolete issues should have been part of the 
TS review exercise.

> Also, when I mentioned the test results, I meant I had actually gone and 
> run thorugh all the code folding tests on Netbeans 9 beta already, but I 
> see that actual testing is supposed to begin now, lol.

:D If that's the case, then offer your help to some other tribe which is 
understaffed. Or create a test assignment for yourself in the test run 
for what you already tested and formally execute these and record your 
work. This is actually very desired!


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