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From Jiří Kovalský <>
Subject [news] Start of full Apache NetBeans 9.0 testing
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2018 12:39:52 GMT
Hello NetCAT 9.0 participants,

    now that many tribes have successfully reviewed their test 
specifications the time has come to actually test the functionality of 
Apache NetBeans 9.0 IDE.

    For that we have created a new Apache NetBeans 9.0 Full Testing test 
run [1] in Synergy which will be used to track progress of our team 
effort. We should test the latest development build on latest JDK 8 and 
also sanity test on JDK 10 once it gets released later this month.


1. Tribe leader's tasks in a nutshell:
1.1 Consider availability of your tribe members and distribute test 
specifications among the team to reach maximum but realistic coverage of 
testing. According to such analysis use "Create a new assignments for 
tribe" button with globe icon on the test run page to distribute the 
work load and then save the assignments. Since this is a full testing 
please do not use any labels.

1.2 Organize 3 on-line meetings with your tribe on 3/23, 3/30 and 4/6 
during which you as a team discuss actual quality status of your 
functionality area and by reaching consensus decide which 3 bugs can be 
marked with BLOCKER tag (if any) and which blocker bugs can be waived 
for 9.0 (if any). Please remember there may be only 3 open bugs with 
BLOCKER tag at maximum at all times.

2. Tribe member's tasks in a nutshell:
2.1 Wait for test assignment(s) created by your tribe leader. Once you 
get an invitation for your test assignment, click the link in that 
e-mail which will get you to the test run. Scroll down to the table with 
test assignments, select your name in the "User" pull-down menu and 
click the "Start (continue if saved)" button. Resize your browser to 
cover 1/2 of your screen and open NetBeans 9.0 in the other 1/2. Then 
simply perform the test steps from the displayed test case and 
afterwards click one of the buttons:

SKIP - if you cannot complete given test case in which case please 
specify your reason from "Comment" pull-down menu
PASSED - if you achieved expected result (you can also provide issue 
number which is related but does not completely fail the test case)
FAILED - if you were not able to achieve expected result in which case 
you must provide issue number failing the test case
PAUSE - as soon as you cannot continue with your testing (Synergy 
measures time needed for execution of each test case so remember to 
click PAUSE as soon as you cannot proceed not to bias measured execution 

2.2 Participate in 3 on-line meetings organized by your tribe leader and 
contribute with your findings. In case you consider some issue a 
blocker, raise it during the meetings, bring constructive arguments and 
help achieve consensus.

The deadline to finish this full testing is April 12th, but please don't 
postpone the work until the last week otherwise you make it harder for 
others to help you if we don't see any real progress.

Finally, if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask! :)

Good luck and happy testing!

Hermien Pellissier and Jiří Kovalský
NetCAT 9.0 coordinators

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