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From David Heffelfinger <>
Subject Re: [vcs] finish with GIT on JDK 8
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2018 11:16:56 GMT

Thanks so much for your help and enthusiasm. Either one of your suggestions
sounds good. Testing Git under both JDK 8 and 10 would provide greater

I'm also testing Mercurial, and I'm on Linux, since you are on Windows,
your test would also provide greater test coverage.

I'll leave it up to you, go ahead and do whichever you prefer, Git under
Java 10, or Mercurial on Windows.


On Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 7:32 PM, <> wrote:

> Hello.
> I have finished testing GIT module.
> I have used NetBeans build 376.
> For sftp and http part I have used Ubuntu in Virtual Box VM. For other
> tests I have used GitHub.
> I have such comments and questions:
> 1.      I have used JDK 8 for testing. Should I repeat testing with JDK 10
> ?
> 2.      After finish of testing I have found files “*.original~”. These
> files are not showing by NetBeans. But git status command shows these files
> as ready for add. I do not know when they were created and is it bug or
> not. Should I start research when (on what Test Case) they were created?
> 3.      Part “ <
> suite/2207> 5. Shelve Changes ” was very changed in NetBeans. But feature
> from Test Case works right. I can try to rewrite Test Case but I will ask
> help. I did not write Test Cases before (especially in English 😊 )
> 4.      Search History works right as it has been described in Test Cases.
> But there is such issue. In editor page for current editing file there are
> “Source” and “History” buttons.  If I click to “History” button of current
> editing file I see history. But in history table I can see only “local”
> changes. I do not see any Git changes even if I select “Git” filter.
> Through “Team”-“Show History” I can see history. There is not such “Test
> Case” in [VCS] Git and I did not create bug in JIRA for this.
> There is such bug that I can repeat locally on Windows 10 with JDK 8. With
> JDK 10 there is not this bug.
> 1.      Open any java file with Git History.
> 2.      Open Git history for this file through “Team”-“Show History”. Do
> not close it.
> 3.      Select for editing java file
> 4.      Select “Show History” again.
> 5.      Switch to any program that uses all screen. NetBeans should be
> hidden but was not collapsed to task bar.
> 6.      Switch to NetBeans again and select java file and again “Show
> History”
> 7.      Repeat 5 and 6 points.
> As result I have exception “java.awt.IllegalComponentStateException:
> component must be showing on the screen to determine its location”. I do
> not know is it known bug or not. I can not find existing JIRA ticket for
> this.
> NetBeans can be used after this without any problem. So problem is only
> such exception panel that user should close.
> P. S. I can help with something else. As I see there is Mercurial install
> package for Windows. So I can help with Mercurial also. Or I can help with
> something else. With Swing/GUI and Profiler I did not work few years … but
> I ready for refresh my mind if you need it 😊
> Vladimir Orlyansky.

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