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From David Heffelfinger <>
Subject Re: [news] Start of full Apache NetBeans 9.0 testing
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2018 14:03:07 GMT

Thanks for the update. Mark Stephens is not showing up under the "User"
drop down, therefore I can't create an assignment for this.

Would you mind looking into this?


On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 8:39 AM, Jiří Kovalský <>

> Hello NetCAT 9.0 participants,
>    now that many tribes have successfully reviewed their test
> specifications the time has come to actually test the functionality of
> Apache NetBeans 9.0 IDE.
>    For that we have created a new Apache NetBeans 9.0 Full Testing test
> run [1] in Synergy which will be used to track progress of our team effort.
> We should test the latest development build on latest JDK 8 and also sanity
> test on JDK 10 once it gets released later this month.
> [1]
> 1. Tribe leader's tasks in a nutshell:
> ======================================
> 1.1 Consider availability of your tribe members and distribute test
> specifications among the team to reach maximum but realistic coverage of
> testing. According to such analysis use "Create a new assignments for
> tribe" button with globe icon on the test run page to distribute the work
> load and then save the assignments. Since this is a full testing please do
> not use any labels.
> 1.2 Organize 3 on-line meetings with your tribe on 3/23, 3/30 and 4/6
> during which you as a team discuss actual quality status of your
> functionality area and by reaching consensus decide which 3 bugs can be
> marked with BLOCKER tag (if any) and which blocker bugs can be waived for
> 9.0 (if any). Please remember there may be only 3 open bugs with BLOCKER
> tag at maximum at all times.
> 2. Tribe member's tasks in a nutshell:
> ======================================
> 2.1 Wait for test assignment(s) created by your tribe leader. Once you get
> an invitation for your test assignment, click the link in that e-mail which
> will get you to the test run. Scroll down to the table with test
> assignments, select your name in the "User" pull-down menu and click the
> "Start (continue if saved)" button. Resize your browser to cover 1/2 of
> your screen and open NetBeans 9.0 in the other 1/2. Then simply perform the
> test steps from the displayed test case and afterwards click one of the
> buttons:
> SKIP - if you cannot complete given test case in which case please specify
> your reason from "Comment" pull-down menu
> PASSED - if you achieved expected result (you can also provide issue
> number which is related but does not completely fail the test case)
> FAILED - if you were not able to achieve expected result in which case you
> must provide issue number failing the test case
> PAUSE - as soon as you cannot continue with your testing (Synergy measures
> time needed for execution of each test case so remember to click PAUSE as
> soon as you cannot proceed not to bias measured execution times)
> 2.2 Participate in 3 on-line meetings organized by your tribe leader and
> contribute with your findings. In case you consider some issue a blocker,
> raise it during the meetings, bring constructive arguments and help achieve
> consensus.
> The deadline to finish this full testing is April 12th, but please don't
> postpone the work until the last week otherwise you make it harder for
> others to help you if we don't see any real progress.
> Finally, if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask! :)
> Good luck and happy testing!
> Hermien Pellissier and Jiří Kovalský
> NetCAT 9.0 coordinators
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