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From Jiří Kovalský <>
Subject [debugger] Minutes from meeting #1
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2018 16:07:58 GMT
Hi folks,

    this is just a brief update on the meeting our Java Debugger tribe 
had yesterday. First we discussed progress of testing. Although all of 
us already tried many debugging features in NetBeans 9.0, not much is 
reflected officially in the Synergy test run though. Sven plans to do 
his breakpoints today and William will start with generic functionality 
also today. I have so far completed testing of Ant scripts debugger and 
interface is currently at ~50%. Dumitru didn't participate in the chat 
but we synced-up later via e-mail.

    Then we quickly looked at our bug filter [1] to identify potential 
blockers/waivers but although some issues are serious at the moment we 
don't see any of these having potential to block 9.0 release. We will 
look into it more next week. We reiterated that it was necessary to 
double check debugging features on both latest JDK 8 and JDK 10. Nobody 
faces any permanent issues with Synergy except intermittent "Action 
failed." errors so we remain optimistic about finishing our part on time.


    At the end we settled on the date for our next meeting which will 
take place on 4/3 after Easters. Our meeting took ~50 minutes.


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