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From Jiří Kovalský <>
Subject Re: [profiler] test suite assignments
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2018 00:37:59 GMT
Dne 21.3.2018 v 16:22 Glenn Holmer napsal(a):

> While we don't have a complete test specification for the profiler,
> there's enough there to test the main functionality. I'm sure we can
> continue to improve the spec as time goes on, although it doesn't make
> sense to change it during testing (except to add new test suites if
> there's time).

Glenn, just wanted to inform you that once you create an assignment for 
someone and that person starts the execution of that test specification, 
it gets closed for structural changes like adding new suites/cases. All 
you can do is to modify already existing test suites/cases be that your 

> I'd like to ask for volunteers to test the various sections of the
> specification. I think that will give a better result than simply
> assigning them, since I don't know what kinds of development tribe
> members typically do or how familiar you are with the profiler. So
> please choose one or more of the following sections, and I'll enter them
> on the test run page in Synergy.
> The test case instructions are very specific, but if there are any
> questions, please ask. Many have been heavily rewritten and may still
> need to be clarified or corrected.
> Java SE Project test suite (ten test cases)
> Attach Profiler test suite: (three test cases)
> HeapWalker test suite (four test cases)
> Profiling Points test suite (three test cases)

That's a really impressive work!

Thanks a lot,

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