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From Jiří Kovalský <>
Subject Re: Test Spec Review Starting Today!
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2018 14:58:29 GMT
Hi Don,

    no, we don't have tribe specific mailing lists at Apache. Either 
communicate through private e-mails or use prefixes in your e-mail 
subjects to this mailing list as per this NetCAT FAQ:

    I would prefer the latter though as your communication may inspire 
other tribes. :)

Best regards,

Dne 6.3.2018 v 09:20 supun liyanage napsal(a):

> Hi Herman,
> Do we have tribe specific emails as last rounds to communicate with the tribe members
or do we just need to use the generic channels/or direct emails
> Regards,
> Don
> Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
>    On Tue, 6 Mar 2018 at 5:46, Hermien Pellissier<> wrote: 
 Hi all,
> The first task of NetCAT 9.0 is starting today - test spec review!
> As you probably already know, we manage all of our test specs (and test
> runs) on Synergy [1]. This is now hosted on an Apache VM. :)
> [1]
> So today we are calling on all tribes to help with reviewing of these test
> specs for NetCAT 9.0.
> 1. Tribe leaders, can you please check with your tribe members who still
> need access to edit the wiki, and let us know? We are going to keep track
> of the work using the Wiki, so everybody will need access.
> 2. Tribe leaders, please discuss with your tribe members how to divide the
> work. On the wiki page [2], I have added direct links to each of the tribes
> on Synergy, so that you can see the current list of test specs.
> [2]
> 3. Once you have decided how to split the work, please indicate who is
> working on what on the wiki page [2]. I have added a task for myself in the
> RCP tribe as an example. :)
> 4. If there are completely new features in this release (have a look at
> [3]), please consider writing brand new test spec(s) for that, and also
> divide up the work.
> [3]
> 5. If there are only minor updates to be made (spelling, grammar,
> formatting, missing steps and so on), then just update the current version
> of the test spec. If there changes that would make the test spec
> incompatible with previous versions of the IDE, please create a copy of the
> test spec for NetBeans 9.0 before updating it. This usually happens when
> there is a change in the way that something works.
> 6. While you are updating a test spec, also have a look at any comments
> that may have been made during the 8.2 full testing. [4]
> [4]
> We are planning for beta testing to start on 19 March, so it would be great
> if all test spec updates could be completed before then.
> Hermien Pellissier and Jiří Kovalský
> NetCAT 9.0 coordinators

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