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From Jiří Kovalský <>
Subject Re: [news] Start of full Apache NetBeans 9.0 testing
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2018 16:27:24 GMT
Dne 23.3.2018 v 16:39 Glenn Holmer napsal(a):
> On 03/20/2018 07:39 AM, Jiří Kovalský wrote:
>> 1. Tribe leader's tasks in a nutshell:
>> ======================================
>> 1.1 Consider availability of your tribe members and distribute test
>> specifications among the team to reach maximum but realistic coverage of
>> testing. According to such analysis use "Create a new assignments for
>> tribe" button with globe icon on the test run page to distribute the
>> work load and then save the assignments. Since this is a full testing
>> please do not use any labels.
> Profiler tribe is dividing up the spec, how do I assign individual
> sections of it? (e.g. Java SE, Profiling Points, HeapWalker, &c.)

Tag all test cases in Java SE test suite with javase label and then use 
it when creating test assignment for the person who will be doing Java 
SE part of the Profiler TS. That person will be only required to test 
cases tagged with javase label.

Hope this works,

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