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From Hermien Pellissier <>
Subject Re: [news] NetBeans 8.2 & JDK 8 Update 151 bundle testing
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2017 08:31:57 GMT
Hi Rick,

> My name is Rick Hegarty (NetBeans ID : skomisa), and I did some testing for
> release 8.0 of NetBeans a couple of years ago.

Welcome back!

> I can spend about 20 hours over the next week testing Web Development
> Support for the patch 2 release of NetBeans 8.2/patch 2/Update 151 if you
> can point me in the right direction:
>    1. What is the link to join the relevant tribe for that testing?  I had
>    recently signed up for 9.0 testing at this link
> but I'm
>    wondering if that is still valid. Regardless, I don't see my name in any
>    8.2 tribes. Feel free to add me to the appropriate 8.2 tribe yourself.
>    2. Can you please provide the link(s) for the specific testing you would
>    like done as a priority, so I can put my name against them.

This NetBeans 8.2 sanity test is outside of the normal NetCAT 9.0
testing, so there is no need to join a tribe for this specific
purpose. Just add your name to the table at [1], and do some basic
sanity testing of the functionality that you are interested in. :)


If you do want to run through the test specs for the Web Client tribe,
you can find the list of all the test specs here [2].


According to [3] you are signed up for Java EE and Java Editor for NetCAT 9.0.


~ Hermien

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