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From Jiří Kovalský <>
Subject [news] NetBeans 8.2 & JDK 8 Update 141 bundle testing
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2017 10:42:55 GMT
Hello NetCAT enthusiasts,

    first of all I would like to apologize for pulling you back in time 
but while we are waiting for completion of the first NetBeans code 
donation to Apache it is not that off-topic.

    JDK team has prepared another security update of JDK 8 and we were 
asked to verify that NetBeans 8.2 works smoothly with it. That's why we 
have rebuilt installers of the NetBeans & JDK bundle and started to 
sanity test both installation and basic features today.

    The planned release date is July 18th and because we have only a 
little time for the test it would be awesome if some NetCAT participants 
could join us. Grab the right installers and check that these are signed 
correctly and install the right binaries. For more information please 
see this Wiki:

    The areas which need coverage are: Maven, Versioning (Git/Hg/SVN), 
NetBeans modules development support, Databases, GUI builder, JavaFX, 
JavaEE (JSP/JSF/XSD/DTD/XML) editors and PHP.

    If you want to participate, just add your name to the table and 
download the installer for your operating system(s). If you find any 
strange behavior, please bring it here first for further discussion and 
report bug(s) after it's clarified.

Many thanks and happy testing!

Best regards,
Jirka & Hermien

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