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From Hermien Pellissier <>
Subject Time for Tribes!
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2017 16:47:50 GMT
Hi everyone,

The time has come to gather in our tribes and start planning our
defence tactics against those nasty insectoid attackers (also known as
bugs in some circles).

For anybody that is not yet familiar with the concept of tribes, here
is the definition from the wiki:

"NetCAT Tribe is a group of NetCAT participants focusing primarily on
testing one particular functionality area such as Debugger, PHP or
Maven. Tribe members review and keep up-to-date test specifications
for their functionality area, then perform full or sanity testing and
eventually provide either Go or NoGo recommendation according to a
fixed schedule."

When you signed up in Synergy, you had the opportunity to choose which
tribe(s) to join. According to that information, we have put together
the list [1] of tribes with their current members.


In the NetBeans 9.0 release, not all tribes are unfortunately equally
important. This is because the first code donation is focused on the
Java SE features, and also because a lot of the new features are
around Java 9. So here is the list of most important tribes:

* Java Editor (leader: Constantin Drabo)
* Debugger
* Maven (leader: Jean-Fran├žois El Fouly)
* Unit Testing
* Profiler

Other tribes that are of some importance for this release are:

* DB
* Groovy

The rest of the tribes are:

* API Support
* C/C++
* Java EE
* JavaFX
* Web Client
* Version Control
* GUI Builder

Each tribe needs a leader - a person that coordinates the efforts of
that tribe. A more detailed description of the responsibilities of a
tribe leader can be found on the wiki [2].


If you would like to lead any of the tribes that still need a leader,
please respond on this thread!

~ Jirka and Hermien

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