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From Antonio <>
Subject Heads up: Missing patches for external binary
Date Sat, 21 Oct 2017 08:34:22 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to build the external binary for the o.apache.xml.resolver 

- Problem:

This module has a patch file [1] that works against xml-commons/resolver 
version 1.1 (2003)

In 2009 (see [2]) "a new method was added to" to xml-commons/resolver version 
1.2. I do have a patch for that, no worries here.

But also "two new classes" 
and "" were added to 
the external binary ([2]).

And I'm afraid these are gone forever. There's no patch for those and 
they're not kept in the NetBeans repository.

- Proposed solution:

I think I should try to decompile and recover those sources from the 
existing binary kept in NetBeans hg repositories and build a patch for 
those new sources.

- Questions:

a) This is OK for you, right?
b) I assume nobody has the source code for 
org.apache.xml.resolver.NbCatalogManager nor 
org.apache.xml.resolver.NbCatalogResolver somewhere, right?




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