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From Antonio <>
Subject Heads up: Generating external binaries from sources and patches
Date Sat, 21 Oct 2017 17:31:15 GMT
Hi all,

I've just submitted PR#172 ([1]). This is a PR that patches maven 
sources and builds an external binary to compile against. I'd like to 
explain what I've done and I'm requesting your opinion.

- What I've done:

1.- I indicated that I wanted to download sources from Maven. I did this 
by adding to the external/binaries-list the following line:


By doing so the build script will automatically download 
external/xml-resolver-1.2-sources.jar for me (thanks, guys!).

2.- I created a patch file external/xml-resolver-1.2-netbeans.patch 
against the Maven sources. Note this is not against the tar.gz file you 
can find elsewhere, but against Maven sources explicitly. (see [2])

3.- I modified the "build.xml" file of the module (see [3]) hooking in 
the projectized-common.-javac-init ant task task. The hook:

   3.1.- Checks if the external/resolver-1.2.jar file exists.
   3.2.- If the file does not exist then:
      3.2.1.- Unzips the maven sources.
      3.2.2.- Applies the patch.
      3.2.3.- Compiles the result.
      3.2.4.- Builds the external/resolver-1.2.jar file.

- What I'm requesting

The thing seems to work well (cross fingers for travis results). And has 
the added benefit of not modifying the "nbbuild/" directory. So all this 
keeps inside the module.

I'd like to request your opinion on the approach. Is it a good idea to 
modify the build.xml script? Is "-javac-init" the proper task to hook into?



The patch

The modified build.xml

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