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From Antonio <>
Subject Should we use Eclipse Maven Repository too?
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2017 09:29:03 GMT
Hi all,

Modules "o.eclipse.core.**" contain binaries that are either hard or 
impossible to find in Maven central. Some times the versions are not 
exactly equal, and I'm not sure if we should downgrade to a previous 
version or upgrade to a newest one. We're talking of old binaries 
(2012/2013 in certain cases) that are possibly gone forever.

Would it be possible to fetch these binaries from the maven repository instead? I think this has 
many more versions that maven.central. (Don't know if this is the 
official Eclipse maven repo, though).

We could add some sort of key in external/binaries-list in order to 
select a Maven repository. In order not to interfere with the existing 
contents we could use a comment-tag to specify the repository. Something 

#maven-repository: eclipse

Is this a good idea? How would it affect to the cached binaries? Should 
I downgrade binaries to previous versions and leave this for a future 


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