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From Antonio <>
Subject Binaries not in maven & creating issues in JIRA
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2017 06:03:37 GMT
Three modules have external binaries that are not available in Maven, so 
I opened issue #86 for this.

I'm not sure how issues should be created in JIRA, don't know if we're 
using all fields there, so here're some questions:

- What kind of "Issue Type" should this be? (Task/Bug)
- What "version" should I set? "9.0"? "Next"?
- What priority should I set there? Old NetBeans issue system had clear 
priority guidelines (P1, P2, etc.), there's none here.
- Is "Components" used? Should I choose "apisupport - Harness"?
- Assignee is Automatic, that's ok?
- For the "Labels" field, I think "build" & "github-import" are good 
choices, right?

I can't see an email in the mailing 
list about this issue. Is this ok? Should I send an email to the mailing 
list myself (like this one) or is an email sent to appropriate people?


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