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From Jaroslav Tulach <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Build #17 as HTML/Java API release 1.5
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2017 04:15:07 GMT
Hello Bertrand,

thanks for the review. Here is how I am addressing your comments:

> I have reviewed SHA1(

> eaa3a5a784f56fd1a20674ef5b59eed2be99d2fe


> I'm -1 on the release due to the missing DISCLAIMER which is easy to

> fix, details below.


> Once that's fixed, if others (including at least one other mentor)

> agree I'd be ok to promote the fixed release to Incubator PMC vote

> except for one thing: I suggest including in the Incubator PMC vote

> message instructions for reviewing the license/copyright header

> changes done since the code was imported from the Oracle donation, can

> you provide those? Probably just a git diff command or URL. A

> reference (git tag?) to tools used for these changes is also useful.

I made the change in two steps:

and then, after review by Jan Lahoda, I've also added:

Then the change has been reviewed by Craig.

We used a wikipage to track our steps:
- see the html4j columns.


> The digests are ok.


> I cannot verify the signature as I haven't found your 7E654BAC public

> key online, see the "PMC members please add your PGP keys to

>" thread here.

I'll work on fixing this today.


> <> wrote:

> > ...The isn't present on the

> > (as I would need to upload my private key there),...


> IIUC this is because the release is generated by Jenkins and you don't

> want it to have your private key - sounds reasonable ;-)


> In this case maybe it's more convenient to keep the .asc file in the

> gi tools repository before the release happens?

> This also allows others to add their own signature if desired.

I plan to use the same technique I used to sign build #17, I just make sure
the key is properly registered.

> zip archive review:


> 1) DISCLAIMER is missing, for a podling this is enough to reject the

> release. See also DEPENDENCIES below, the same mechanism can be used

> to generate both.

Both of these files are now added to the repository:

> 2) In the NOTICE, I find this confusing....
> ...I would prefer


> "The initial code is based on NetBeans HTML/Java API modules kindly

> donated by Oracle Corp to the Apache Software Foundation"

Changed as you suggested:


> 3) Having a DEPENDENCIES file would make it much easier to validate

> third-party dependencies, see this recent thread:





> Right now, " mvn dependency:tree" lists some unfamiliar dependencies,

> having their license in DEPENDENCIES would help validate them.

I've added the plugin as suggested

and copied the DEPENDENCIES and DISCLAIMER files into root of the git

> 4) A quick build with "mvn clean install -DskipTests" works including

> apache-rat-plugin:0.12:check .


> The tests take a long time to run, I

> haven't checked if there's a way to run just unit tests.

The build with tests [takes few minutes]( It is
using JavaFX WebView behind the scene and there may be various issues with
it. If the build gets stalled, feel free to generate jstack thread dump and
report me a bug. However that is just a functional problem, nothing to
prevent an incubating release, I assume.


> 5) the apache-rat-plugin excludes look good to me:


> 6) The release includes source code only, apart from a few .png

> (test?) images which are fine.


The above images are used in Javadoc. The images below are used in UI of
WebView Debugging Chrome:


I am not going to call a new vote, but here is build #19, that shall
hopefully be closer to the desired state:

I'll work on signing it with proper key today. Let me know if something
else shall be addressed. Thanks in advance for your help.

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