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From Antonio <>
Subject Preprocessing external binaries
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2017 04:40:33 GMT
Hi all,

 From time to time we need to patch external sources to generate 
external binaries [1].

In other situations we may need to download a Maven binary and then 
extract a part of it to compile against [2].

And for some other modules the Maven binaries are signed with a digital 
certificate (eclipse mainly) and we may want to remove the signature (if 
that affects performance, for example).

All these situations are currently handled by hooking into the 
-javac-init projectized-common ant task, in the build.xml file, like this:

<target name="-javac-init" depends="-prepare-patched-binary, 
projectized-common.-javac-init" />

I was wondering if ...

- ... it would be a good idea to create a new ant target in 
projectized-common specifically for this situation, say 
"preprocess-binaries", or "prepare-binaries".
- ... What other things could we do here? For all of you that have 
reviewed modules, would you benefit of such a new target?



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