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From Antonio <>
Subject Re: How to handle patches for external binaries?
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2017 11:32:16 GMT

On 14/10/17 11:17, Emilian Bold wrote:
>> 1. What’s the license of these patches? Same as the original project? Or Apache
> Since it's code from Oracle, it's going to be relicensed as Apache 2.

Ok. If I see something weird I'll raise my hand (patching non Apache-2 
licensed binaries with an Apache licensed patch, for instance).

>> 2. I will not add maven coordinates for these, right? Shall I open an issue or mark
the review as “Done” in the List of Modules to Review?
>> Or
>> 3. Build a small ant project that downloads sources from Maven, applies patches as
required and recreates the binaries.
> Building those in an automatic fashion would be great!

I think the best thing to do is to add a target to each module (say 
"generate-external-binaries") that recreates the binaries. I imagine 
each module will have its own issues to generate the binaries (classpath 
stuff, whatever...). Keeping the responsibility to recreate the binaries 
within each module is a good thing, I think.

Then the main "nbbuild/build.xml" could invoke this task for a set of 
modules that need patched binaries.

I'll try to add a PR with this approach later on, as I see more cases of 
patched binaries. If anyone thinks this is a wrong approach please let 
me know.


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