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From Antonio <>
Subject Re: Should we use Eclipse Maven Repository too?
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2017 13:01:03 GMT

On 15/10/17 13:30, Emilian Bold wrote:
>   Should I downgrade binaries to previous versions and leave this for a
>> future enhancement?
> No, don't downgrade binaries. We are not beholden to Maven Central.

I've already have downgraded to previous versions, as Yarda suggested.

So, what's the point of adding maven coordinates for external binaries? 
Is this some requirement of the code donation? Or is this an effort to 
try to achieve some kind of "repeteable build" mechanism? (I've arrived 
late to the party, so I surely missed the thread where this was discussed).

If it's not related to the code donation then I think I'd prefer 
finishing the code donation first and reviewing the modules and 
upgrading them to the most modern versions later on. We're currently 
seeking versions of 2009/2010 in some cases, and things have changed 
since. I'd prefer upgrading to modern versions than seeking old ones.


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