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From Antonio <>
Subject Re: Deleting stuff from the repository
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2017 08:26:43 GMT
Hi again,

Thanks Ivan, for explaining all this. This is exactly the explanation I 

I see this is an important piece of software, I was confused by it 
living inside the "examples" directory, so I though these were platform 
specific binaries that were used only for running the examples in that 

Un abrazo,

P.S.: This is a superb module, by the way.

On 12/10/17 09:46, Ivan Soleimanipour wrote:
> No, it's not OK to get rid of them.
> The zipfiles contain compiled binaries of "process_start.c" from the 
> same directory.
> If you want to get rid of the .zip files you'll have to replace them 
> with a process for
> generating a binary 'process_start' from "process_start.c".
> NB's build machinery is not into generating platform-specific native 
> binaries
> so you _won't_ be able to accomplish the above easily.
> The "& friends" are also relevant.
> lib.terminalemulator, _and any module beginning with "lib."_, is a 
> "NB-independent" library.
> This means code in these "NB modules" is not allowed to have 
> dependencies on other NB modules so
> that it can be used in other standalone applications.
>      This is perhaps a NB convention that hasn't seen enough exposure in 
> this new venture.
> A properly working terminal _application_ requires support for "pty"s 
> which Java philosphy,
> in all of it's platform-independent wisdom, has neglected. So 
> lib.richexecution and 'process_start'
> fill in for that functionality.
>      You can read about pty's here: 
>      And more genrally about the lib.terminalamulator module here: 
> There is a portion of NB, CND, which is not yet up for release to 
> apache, which has a fair amount of
> code to handle pty's on various platforms but all that code is rather 
> heavy-weight and
> depends on other NB modules.
> The purpose of lib.richexecution then is to allow the testing of 
> lib.terminalemulator/examples/TermApp
> and running lib.terminalemulator/examples/TermTester w/o dependencies on 
> the NB platform.
> I, the original author of this code, use all of it in my development.
> On 10/11/17 22:44, Antonio wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> The "lib.terminalemulator" module has some _example_ zip files with 
>> platform specific executables that can start processes in the host os. 
>> These are "" & friends. I think these are 
>> here just for historical purposes as a demonstration of the 
>> capabilities of the "lib.richexecution" example within the module.
>> I assume we'll want to get rid of those, so I can delete those from 
>> the repository, is this ok?
>> Thanks,
>> Antonio
>> [1] 


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