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From Antonio Vieiro <>
Subject Re: NetBeans 9 release date
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2017 11:28:58 GMT

> El 13 oct 2017, a las 12:41, Martin Dindoffer <> escribió:
>> What are those small things? Providing a list of those small things, for
>> others to implement, is precisely the very significant role that you can
>> play in this project.
> Hi there, fellow Java developer here.

Hi Martin, thanks for all that feedback.

I think we should be adding this to the bug tracking system. This is valuable feedback from
a daily user that, despite of daily exceptions and periodic hangs, keeps on using the IDE
at work.

I was wondering if JIRA is here to stay, if so we should think how well it fits the project
(priorities, votes, components, etc.) and if it does fit then start writing down all this
requests for features.

BTW, will all the issues at be migrated to JIRA?

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