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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Aw: Re: Problem with HTML inside mail
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2016 12:56:58 GMT

Le 18/11/16 à 11:40, Christian Lenz a écrit :
> @emi: yeah maybe sry for that.
> @Emmanuel: Don't use HTML.... great words xD. This will not answering my question. 

I have explained that HTML mails will be discarded by the SPAM filter.
That's a pretty good reason not to use HTML, and I think it answers your
question, at least from a technical point of view. I will try to elaborate.

(see : : "Note: Spam
filters don't like messages with empty Subjects; just use e.g.
"subscribe" or "unsubscribe". Spam filters are also more likely to
reject HTML-formatted messages; please use plain text." )

The thing is that if the SPAM filter were to accept HTML, it would have
an incredibly harder task detecting spams, and we would have way more
work, as moderators, in checking all the mails that *may* be legitimate
e-mail, among many, many other HTML unsollicited mails.

Add to that people aren't necessarily have a Mail UI that shows HTML :
I, for instance, have deactivated this feature years ago.

> I would like to know what is in general wrong with HTML? Come on we are living in the
21st century, HTML is standard and as you can see it is standard in the clients that I use
for formatting. 

We are trying to make so there is no barrier when it comes to
communicating, and HTML is clearly one. I understand that many people
are fond of it, but not all of us.

> GMX Webpage (I can change), Windows 10 mail app (Don't know how to change) Gmail app
on android (I think it is not possible) So to say don't use HTML, is not an option. 

Of course it is. 5000 committers at The ASF alrady do it. Check your
Mail UI documentation, there is obviously an option somwhere that will
let you do that. Or ask, may be someone know how to configure it to
avoid sending HTML text (and please, be sure that your signature does
not use HTML too...)

> I don't have any problems with other mailinglists, except this one. So I think you should
rethink about blocking HTML. 

Unlikely to happen...


Emmanuel Lecharny

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