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From Emilian Bold <>
Subject Re: Current status of NetBeans code donation
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2016 12:18:34 GMT
> All this is the case since, again, anything we put into an Apache repo is
then at that stage Apache code.

BTW, not sure if we understand things the same here.

With the CCLA Oracle grants a *license* of the code, not full ownership.
So, anything we put into the Apache repo will have the ASF as a licensee
and they will be free to use the Apache license for that code.

So it's not like Oracle loses control of some precious thing. They still
own the copyright. Worse case scenario a specific snapshot in time of some
piece of code becomes Apache licensed.

Furthermore, I believe that even if we sign the CCLA as is, we could
still *import
the code* incrementally.

So, there is still an opportunity for Oracle to intervene and say: "hold
on, we didn't expect this code to be there and we want to explicitly
exclude it from the grant and update the CCLA". It seems understandable and
I don't believe the ASF will complain. This could even be part of the
incubator code cleanup we have to do anyhow.

It took me a few hours to write some scripts to check the module licenses.
What kind of effort are you doing behind the scenes now? Is some developer
/ lawyer taking each module and dependency and whitelisting it or what?

It seems important to me we start this already. I believe we could use the
current CCLA and start importing the code incrementally.


On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 12:06 PM, Geertjan Wielenga <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Since transferring code to Apache means that the code automatically becomes
> Apache licensed, it is of extreme importance that we don't inadvertently
> donate code that we don't want to donate.
> E.g.,  simply donating '' is going to be problematic, since
> there's for example the 'nb-javac', i.e., javac fork in there, which indeed
> can be excluded, though there are other pieces in, such as
>, which we also don't want to donate since that's
> also a fork of something GPL-licensed from the JDK. Moreover,
> contains modules that are also potentially
> contentious.
> Hence, there is quite some work going on at the moment to identify which
> parts we actually do want to donate. We don't want to find out afterwards
> that we have donated code that belongs to the JDK which, of course, we can
> then remove from the Apache repo, although we'd still have the history of
> that erroneous commit in there, which we do not want to have happen.
> Potentially, we need to go through every package going out and specifically
> delineate what we are donating, if there's pieces in there that we're not
> donating.
> Maybe one approach could be to limit the wording of the code grant for the
> repositories to source code written in the Java
> programming
> language to just those source code files within the "org.netbeans"
> namespace, i.e. in the "org.netbeans" package hierarchy. Then, while the
> transfer of that subset of code is taking place, which would be the
> majority of the code we'd want anyway, we could look at the other code on a
> case by case basis for inclusion in the donation.
> Anyway, just sketching out the situation right now -- and again I had
> assumed, falsely, that all these considerations would only be applicable at
> the end of incubation, not right at the start. All this is the case since,
> again, anything we put into an Apache repo is then at that stage Apache
> code.
> Thanks,
> Gj

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