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From Geertjan Wielenga <>
Subject Language for Schedule A and Schedule B of the CCLA
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2016 13:01:48 GMT
Hi all,

There is one single document for providing the initial list of designated
employees (CCLA) and the software grant agreement (SGA).

That document is this one, with the CCLA being Schedule A and the SGA being
Schedule B:

Schedule A is simply the subset of Oracle employees from the list of
initial committers in the NetBeans Proposal:

I have numbered the questions below for ease of reference.

[Q1] The first question I have about this is: "What if people are added to
the list of committers from Oracle, i.e., I already know others from Oracle
are interested in being involved and will provide their ICLA and will need
to be voted in since they weren't in the initial list of committers in the
NetBeans Proposal. However, does that mean that we need to update the CCLA
whenever someone else from Oracle joins in? Or, if not, how can additional
Oracle employees be backed up by a CCLA if we're not going to be updating
Schedule A in the CCLA that we're now working on?"

[Q2] Secondly, about Schedule B. Here we need to identify the software
grant, i.e., here we do the SGA. The initial language we had there was
simply "NetBeans". ASF folks considered this to be too unspecific. So, we
changed it to the below:

NetBeans source code

NetBeans documentation
NetBeans specifications, graphics and manuals

Then ASF folks wanted that to be more specific, with pointers, so we came
up with this:

NetBeans source code at

NetBeans documentation at netbeansorg
NetBeans specifications, graphics and manuals

There was also some discussion about whether there needed to be language
like "as at" a certain date added to the above.

However, then something needed to be changed, since we're not donating all
of Specifically, we're not donating
hg.netbeansorg/main/nb-javac (as discussed in the context of even though the "java"
cluster depends on it as discussed in that legal issue). In other words, we
need to explicitly exclude that repository from the SGA.

[Q3] For Graal, the sources of which are not in, but
somewhere in the OpenJDK, the SGA has no impact since there are no sources
involved. The piece of Graal that NetBeans uses as an external library will
be relicensed to Apache 2.0 as discussed in a separate thread. But there is
no source code involved here, the discussion about relicensing of the piece
of Graal is relevant for distribution only since, again,
does not contain the Graal sources. This is not a question, just pointing
out that the SGA will not mention Graal since Graal is not in

[Q4] One other related item is, which Oracle also
will not be donating, since it is a fork of the OpenJDK's GPLv2 SigTest
tool (

[Q5] I believe we discussed earlier and the idea was rejected of putting
this in Schedule B:

NetBeans source code at licensed under GPLv2+CPE/CDDL

i.e., the above licensing is used for all NetBeans source code and the
other code, i.e., nb-javac and SigTest are both only GPLv2+CPE.

if the above will not work for ASF, we could explicitly list the exclusions
in Schedule B, i.e., like this:

NetBeans source code at

- except

- except

NetBeans documentation at netbeansorg

NetBeans specifications, graphics and manuals

[Q6] Finally, there's also been a question about the use of the word
"specifications" above, which doesn't apply to NetBeans and possibly that
whole last item should maybe simply be dropped -- we're donating all of (except for the two exclusions) and everything at (i.e., the content of the website, tutorials, etc etc).

Thanks and hope I've given some food for thought.


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