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From Geertjan Wielenga <>
Subject What to include/exclude in code donation to Apache
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2016 07:42:47 GMT
Hi all,

A key discussion going on right now that we should externalize via this,
the dev list, is what exactly is included in the code donation by Oracle of
NetBeans to Apache.

In principle, what we'd like to say is that we're donating 'NetBeans' to
Apache. But what is 'NetBeans'? The more specifically we define it, the
greater the chance that we'll accidentally exclude something; the more
generically we define it, the greater the chance that we'll end up with
misunderstandings about what exactly the donation consists of.

So -- on the level of the code (i.e., separate from documentation,, etc) -- we could say we are donating 'everything at'. A problem with this is that this is not correct -- in
particular, Oracle is not donating the 'nb-javac' libraries, i.e., the fork
of the Java compiler, which is licensed GPLv2 with CPE and is part of the
JDK and is explicitly not part of the donation to Apache.

The question is how to formulate that for the code donation, i.e., for the
software grant document.

Since nb-javac has its own repo where it is developed, i.e.,, which results in 2 JAR files
(nb-javac-api.jar and nb-javac-impl) used in Java cluster, we could try
this verbiage: "NetBeans source code at, excluding". I think that's very clear.

A related point is that, of course, nb-javac is needed (not by the core of
NetBeans, which is the NetBeans Platform but by the optional modules that
relate to the Java Editor) both for building and using the Java tooling of
NetBeans. For that, we have solutions in mind -- Oracle continues to
develop nb-javac, makes it available outside Apache, via build scripts
these will be included into the build process, and during installation
they'll be accessed from their external location and included in the right
location in the installed NetBeans.

So, that deals with nb-javac. Aside from that, there's also Graal.js, the
ECMAScript 6 parser by Oracle Labs that is not being donated by Oracle,
which needs to be explicitly stated as well. Furthermore, Emilian, as
mentioned in the thread he's started, has created a shell script for
identifying potentially other parts of NetBeans that we need to investigate
together in terms of where they stand in terms of the Oracle code donation.

These items above I will be adding to the Wiki so that it's documented and
I encourage any feedback to the above, as well as encouraging anyone with
proposals of any kind to put together a Wiki around that topic.

Many thanks,


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