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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Introduction of Raphael Bircher
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2016 14:40:04 GMT
Hi at all

I realised, that I asked all to introduce them self, but don't do it by 
myself ;-) so let's do it! I life in the East part of Switzerland 
(German speaking region) in a small town called Malans  As many people 
knows, I came over to Apache with the OpenOffice Project. I'm a (fare to 
less active) IPMC Member, but I'm not a mentor of this project. My work 
at the OpenSource Projects are mainly quality assurance. I have deep 
knowage in all part of the testing work.

My interest in NetBeans is mainly the support of Apache Cordova. I use 
Apache Cordova for a project by myself.

Byside the Open Source world I live in the sport world. I have a 
disability called ICP (Infantile Cerebral Palsy) witch is a physical 
disability. Maybe this is the reason, why I love sport so much. I my 
best time I trained 12 times per week, about 4h per day. At the moment I 
train about 4 times per week. At the moment I make self experiments to 
use Sport as a therapie for my disability. You find mi under (mainly in German) (private account on Facebook) (my Fan page (Sport)) (My YouTube Channel (mixed, sport 
and IT))

I wish you a nice day

Regards Raphael

PS: Bertrand, I diden't know that you are from Switzerland to. Salut a 
l'autre côté de la Suisse

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