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Subject [incubator-netbeans-website] branch geertjanw-patch-64 created (now 7fefb78)
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2019 20:12:00 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

geertjan pushed a change to branch geertjanw-patch-64
in repository

      at 7fefb78  Update debug-visual.asciidoc

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 36edf2f  Test commit
     new e3f8b75  Adding link to Jira on publication instructions
     new 530b40e  Multi site test (#2)
     new c7a79ab  Initial refactoring to use Foundation SASS files, start modularizing NetBeans
SASS and build to single CSS file. (#3)
     new 44127ec  Added licenses and a simple card component for the main page. (#4)
     new 243bf7a  Multisite test licenses (#5)
     new 509a16a  Adding the "feature" component, to add images and features to the release
page. (#6)
     new 4d1beec  Apache and Oracle trademark notices, link to incubator status, arranged
some broken links, removed wiki JCA pages, added another backround, added ASF resources for
events. (#7)
     new 4955b42  Initial Version as discussed in the mailing lists
     new 0fe9f61  [NETBEANS-429] Add the 'colorbox' jquery plugin, so images inside a 'feature'
section are automatically enlarged when clicked.
     new 019c60d  Suggestions as per Neil's request (images, responsive width)
     new 3baaabc  Using colorbox's example5 stuff
     new d8b2858  Larger images (60%) in medium and up, reorganized features page.
     new 3bbc05d  [NETBEANS-145] Apache NetBeans Logo images and icons
     new 5da76c0  Merge pull request #10 from vieiro/NETBEANS-145
     new 746c748  Merge pull request #9 from vieiro/NETBEANS-429
     new 38e7dce  Fix duplicate frontpage slide and revert slide background code because of
display issue.
     new b2cfb7d  Merge pull request #11 from neilcsmith-net/master
     new 98972c1  Update index.asciidoc
     new f5910b3  /participate/index.html copy editing
     new 3d2dea9  Merge pull request #13 from apache/geertjanw-patch-1
     new c46a4b8  Merge pull request #14 from dtrebbien/patch-1
     new 4d52705  Updated content for Apache NetBeans Events
     new 031d62a  Merge pull request #15 from apache/apache-netbeans-events-info
     new cf7da74  Fix typo at Apache NetBeans website url
     new 06d1b4f  Fix typo at Apache NetBeans website url.
     new e7768fb  Update README.asciidoc
     new 46ac4bf  Update events.asciidoc
     new 6c590a2  Merge pull request #18 from apache/tweaks-to-events-page
     new 0934fb2  Download PGP signature and MD5 and SHA1 sums from a correct locations.
     new 7383720  Merge pull request #20 from jlahoda/master
     new 6321da7  Delete
     new 7f4c8b8  Merge pull request #22 from apache/delete-unused-test-file
     new 21b0c0b  Update who.asciidoc
     new 60c1c91  Merge pull request #23 from apache/john-committer
     new f359bc0  Update events.asciidoc
     new 74e945a  Merge pull request #24 from apache/clean-up-events-page
     new 47a5dae  Update events.asciidoc
     new e4a3e6d  Merge pull request #25 from vieiro/events-netbeans-day-uk-2018
     new d849ba1  Update events.asciidoc
     new 4adaec0  Merge pull request #26 from apache/geertjanw-events-tweaks
     new 45c3d57  Update index.asciidoc
     new f3ae0a7  Merge pull request #27 from apache/geertjanw-keep-to-stay
     new 2867589  Update slider.gsp
     new 73e3965  Merge pull request #28 from apache/geertjanw-slider-tweaks
     new 641499a  Update index.asciidoc
     new d81ad4c  Merge pull request #29 from apache/geertjanw-tweak-joinin
     new 6a735b9  Update index.asciidoc
     new 9e63008  Merge pull request #30 from apache/dev-faq-wiki-index
     new 4eb0e5a  Experiment adding redirections in main .htaccess file
     new 621aa6c  Merge pull request #31 from vieiro/update-center-redirects
     new 0913315  Update README.doc
     new 25a4a0d  [NETBEANS-636] Podling website tests: reorganized disclaimer, events page
and added ASF logo.
     new 003f029  Changing Apache NetBeans to Apache NetBeans (incubation) in the header.
     new 2c799ac  Update report-issue.asciidoc
     new 0456811  Merge pull request #33 from apache/geertjanw-exception-reporter
     new 5991a1c  Update report-issue.asciidoc
     new 8635a61  Merge pull request #34 from apache/geertjanw-removing-obsolete-content
     new 318073c  Update report-issue.asciidoc
     new 3ffbedf  Update report-issue.asciidoc
     new 7950d3f  Update report-issue.asciidoc
     new 9e00b8a  Add issues.html for in IDE issue dialog
     new ea3c13b  Merge pull request #36 from apache/issue-dialog
     new fe0958c  Change / fix IDE issue reporting page.
     new cb604ca  Merge pull request #37 from neilcsmith-net/issue-html
     new 6e430a0  Fixes the first link to the wiki index
     new a2912da  Merge pull request #39 from emilianbold/master
     new 9ec6c8a  Trying to setup a location for updates, redirecting to the synergy VM for
     new 09b143b  [NETBEANS-330] Adding redirection to for the 9.0
Update Center catalog file.
     new 7a5b9ad  Use an HTTPS URL
     new 85f4a82  Merge pull request #41 from dtrebbien/patch-2
     new 1deed6e  Broken links fixed and typos resolved
     new bcad436  Merge pull request #42 from rlenferink/master
     new 58fa62c  Fix typo
     new d816d78  Merge pull request #43 from junichi11/fix-typo
     new f447fc4  Add a caption to the link for Whimsy
     new 770ec06  Remove a duplicate word
     new 6737af4  Merge pull request #44 from junichi11/minor-fixes
     new f3152cb  Merged with master
     new fc30bf2  [NETBEANS-636] https links, typo, events redirection.
     new 1e0fa04  [NETBEANS-636] Apache Current Event link and banner
     new 4a9d7a4  https typo
     new 2e0bcf4  Restoring original /community/events.html
     new ba1595a  [NETBEANS-636] Podling website tests
     new 9acdc30  NetBeans 9.0 RC1
     new 25043df  NetBeans 9.0 RC1 Announcement
     new cb7fb07  NetBeans 9.0 RC1 Announced
     new 25c4d45  More 9.0 RC1 links
     new f274e69  NetBeans 9.0 RC1 - More links
     new 92bcebc  Changed page title to Apache NetBeans 9.0 RC1, removes .md5 mention
     new 3311772  Changed page title to Apache NetBeans 9.0 RC1, removes .md5 mention
     new 8e452d7  [NETBEANS-636] license link for whimsy (#47)
     new 1fc607f  Update index.asciidoc
     new 3b02d55  Update index.asciidoc
     new 2927edc  Update index.asciidoc
     new fde86b3  Update index.asciidoc
     new 6abb0bb  Update index.asciidoc
     new 23c7061  Update index.asciidoc
     new 978db1f  Update index.asciidoc
     new 96b462a  Update index.asciidoc
     new b709ba4  Update mailing-lists.asciidoc
     new f2f5a09  Update mailing-lists.asciidoc
     new aa793df  Updating thilina01 personal information
     new 864cda2  Update index.asciidoc
     new 78e7377  Merge pull request #51 from apache/var-jdk10-feature-details
     new 0cc664e  Add files via upload
     new e84334a  Merge pull request #52 from apache/jdk10-var-images
     new 79d3d46  Update index.asciidoc
     new a596dab  Merge pull request #53 from apache/integrating-var-image
     new d71684e  Update index.asciidoc
     new 4460989  Merge pull request #54 from apache/new-var-feature-imgage-integration
     new 3e36396  Update index.asciidoc
     new 3f37f41  Merge pull request #55 from apache/setting-images-to-left
     new 50d3c7f  Update index.asciidoc
     new 67a3a14  Merge pull request #56 from apache/alignment-tweaks-var-feature-images
     new 627adb1  Update index.asciidoc
     new 8b83838  Merge pull request #57 from apache/var-image-alignments
     new 8fd059f  Update index.asciidoc
     new fde1326  Merge pull request #58 from apache/var-feature-explanations
     new 076eb0c  Update index.asciidoc
     new eec6819  Merge pull request #59 from apache/adding-environment-link
     new 31da662  Geertjan videos on getting started with the Platform (#60)
     new 62a9724  Update getting-started.asciidoc
     new f488e71  Add links to tutorial videos to Participate section (#61)
     new ff3def1  Fix apache ids (#50)
     new db04896  NetBeans 9.0 Release Announcement
     new f303c57  Removed some RC1 from some pages, updated date
     new ddef37e  add jira redirect page (#64)
     new 7cd6c99  Update .htaccess with report issue redirects.
     new 44162dd  Merge pull request #65 from apache/neilcsmith-patch-report-issue
     new d68d8c4  Remove trailing slash in .htaccess redirect
     new e92d7d9  Merge pull request #66 from apache/neilcsmith-patch-report-issue
     new 7bc016c  NETBEANS-716: removed redirect page (#67)
     new 45d81b7  Update index.asciidoc
     new 5df5040  Merge branch 'releases/nb90' of
into vieiro-releases/nb90
     new d68762c  Fixes the 9.0 links, date and vote permalink emails
     new 7388140  Merge pull request #70 from emilianbold/vieiro-releases/nb90
     new a9206d7  Uncommenting 9.0 list
     new 48e663d  Merge pull request #71 from emilianbold/vieiro-releases/nb90
     new 7067df3  Update index.asciidoc
     new ad63ea4  Update nb90.asciidoc
     new a8d5b15  Merge pull request #69 from wangchunyang/patch-1
     new 37ddc38  Add freenode #netbeans IRC channel to community/mailing-lists page.
     new f566aef  Merge pull request #73 from Cenbe/irc-channel
     new be0dc6d  Creating NekoBean's page to (#68)
     new b80a831  Add png files for download
     new 7fcebd7  Update index.asciidoc
     new e1939db  Merge pull request #75 from junichi11/nekobean-downloaad
     new 9ecd505  ApacheCon 2018 Event (#74)
     new b1b40da  Update nb90.asciidoc
     new 848fdcf  Update nb90.asciidoc
     new 353363d  Update nb90.asciidoc
     new 22b4ae5  Added download section
     new dd74ecc  Merge pull request #76 from diakogiannis/master
     new 80de984  Update mailing-lists.asciidoc
     new cf61b63  Update nb90.asciidoc
     new 9c4639e  Removed markiewb (#78)
     new 991d8df  Fixed broken slack link (#79)
     new 4387241  Update index.asciidoc
     new ff470fd  Hotfix: jbake fails with undefined method start_with? (#81)
     new 0adfc9f  Creating a location for NB 10 standard distribution AUC. Currently redirects
to NB 9.0 AUC.
     new b65a5b4  Redirecting to NB 10.0 AUC to 10.0 AUC on netbeans-vm.
     new 3f3079d  Dukes Choice Award 2018 (#82)
     new 83b5d44  Fix "ununsubscribe" typo in mailing list page (#88)
     new 34c978e  Style GitHub with capitalization (#87)
     new 91de60f  Update build-run-debug-tutorials.asciidoc
     new 6bbf6e6  Pointing to specific legacy download pages
     new 8332372  Changing numbers to bullets for legacy downloads
     new 5db9cb7  Release 10.0 (#89)
     new 10e2b68  Links to pre-Apache versions (#93)
     new 52c28be  10.0 PGP KEYS links & OS/X Removal (#94)
     new b6d8fdb  Update nb100.asciidoc
     new 0a8151b  Merge pull request #95 from apache/rough-guide-netbeans-10
     new 001a60b  Embedding Geertjan's video with the video macro
     new a171a2e  Tutorials from the  3rd Oracle donation (#97)
     new 3f8630c  Fixing clickable images (#98)
     new 4c4f39c  [NETBEANS-1880] Initial Review of GIT tutorial (#99)
     new 9dc7b72  SCSS improvements for tutorials (#100)
     new 6711370  Tutorials: java/php/ide to help/index.html
     new fca138d  Merge pull request #101 from vieiro/features/tutorials-index
     new db51c56  Merge pull request #90 from lbruun/patch-1
     new 9a91ec9  Update index.asciidoc
     new 789f92e  Merge pull request #102 from apache/shortened-docs-index
     new e0da82a  Update index.asciidoc
     new c7c1a44  Merge pull request #103 from apache/compact-docs-index
     new 50781ea  Update index.asciidoc
     new 0223860  Merge pull request #104 from apache/tweaking-general-links
     new 6d57781  Update index.asciidoc
     new d9535fa  Merge pull request #105 from apache/adding-title-to-ide-page
     new 3a350ff  Update index.asciidoc
     new ab6ec24  Merge pull request #106 from apache/fix-ide-title-link
     new c8cbe32  Update index.asciidoc
     new 34fe8e3  Merge pull request #107 from apache/general-java-tutorials
     new 7d92039  Revert "General Java tutorials"
     new 789ca31  Merge pull request #108 from apache/revert-107-general-java-tutorials
     new 09ca277  Fixing General Java title
     new 61e4683  Merge pull request #109 from apache/geertjanw-patch-2
     new f5eada2  Update index.asciidoc
     new a673d91  Merge pull request #110 from apache/fixing-server-page
     new 8c6b0e2  Update index.asciidoc
     new 26a2cff  Merge pull request #111 from apache/geertjanw-patch-3
     new 3053b61  Update index.asciidoc
     new 59b18a1  Merge pull request #112 from apache/adding-learning-trails-title
     new dceb76e  Update index.asciidoc
     new 0d951b9  Merge pull request #113 from apache/geertjanw-patch-4
     new af5872f  Update index.asciidoc
     new acc1bd4  Merge pull request #114 from apache/geertjanw-patch-5
     new 7a77def  Update index.asciidoc
     new d2e1575  Merge pull request #115 from apache/geertjanw-patch-6
     new df46890  Update index.asciidoc
     new af90ed8  Merge pull request #116 from apache/geertjanw-patch-7
     new 410b4c5  Update index.asciidoc
     new 925ff2e  Merge pull request #117 from apache/geertjanw-patch-8
     new 7d31147  Update index.asciidoc
     new aa3d414  Merge pull request #118 from apache/geertjanw-patch-9
     new 4e76b79  Update html5-gettingstarted.asciidoc
     new 3b2b16b  Merge pull request #119 from apache/geertjanw-patch-10
     new ccb514b  [tutorials] Groovy tutorial updated (#120)
     new d4da3e8  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new cf2d4cc  Merge pull request #121 from apache/geertjanw-patch-11
     new 2e190b5  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new e2dfa21  Merge pull request #122 from apache/geertjanw-patch-12
     new c06b312  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 26ae6b4  Merge pull request #123 from apache/geertjanw-patch-13
     new faedce8  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 7135828  Merge pull request #124 from apache/geertjanw-patch-14
     new f21dfad  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 41e1ce3  Merge pull request #125 from apache/geertjanw-patch-15
     new 541934f  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 2c7a32b  Merge pull request #126 from apache/geertjanw-patch-16
     new 197da22  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new de3c73d  Merge pull request #127 from apache/geertjanw-patch-17
     new f6b4044  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new bc358b5  Merge pull request #128 from apache/geertjanw-patch-18
     new 60770a7  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new de087f9  Merge pull request #129 from apache/geertjanw-patch-19
     new a1bea2e  Update index.asciidoc
     new 14da2d3  Merge pull request #130 from apache/geertjanw-patch-20
     new e85393c  Update index.asciidoc
     new 9e1ef55  Merge pull request #131 from apache/geertjanw-patch-21
     new 44953cb  Add files via upload
     new 480254f  Merge pull request #132 from apache/geertjanw-patch-22
     new 7dc19f3  Add files via upload
     new cb1cb5a  Merge pull request #133 from apache/geertjanw-patch-23
     new d4aa786  Update index.asciidoc
     new 9df9ebb  Merge pull request #134 from apache/geertjanw-patch-24
     new 2a922ab  Add files via upload
     new 0ac1d83  Merge pull request #135 from apache/geertjanw-patch-25
     new e33b99f  Add files via upload
     new b28d38c  Merge pull request #136 from apache/geertjanw-patch-26
     new e3c35f7  Add files via upload
     new 8fd3b02  Merge pull request #137 from apache/geertjanw-patch-27
     new e4bdbdc  Add files via upload
     new 8db30f8  Merge pull request #138 from apache/geertjanw-patch-28
     new 34776ef  Update editor-codereference.asciidoc
     new 11a19ed  Merge pull request #139 from apache/geertjanw-patch-29
     new 42576c6  Update editor-codereference.asciidoc
     new 0525fdc  Merge pull request #140 from apache/geertjanw-patch-30
     new e1598a6  Update editor-codereference.asciidoc
     new 6671e01  Merge pull request #141 from apache/geertjanw-patch-31
     new 8cb29c8  Update javase-intro.asciidoc
     new 823f4af  Merge pull request #142 from apache/geertjanw-patch-32
     new 07fc89d  Update javase-intro.asciidoc
     new 5115936  Merge pull request #143 from apache/geertjanw-patch-33
     new 948e003  Update javase-intro.asciidoc
     new 8b13676  Merge pull request #144 from apache/geertjanw-patch-34
     new 7732fb8  Update index.asciidoc
     new df54b9d  Merge pull request #145 from apache/geertjanw-patch-35
     new 8a4fd7e  Update index.asciidoc
     new 4d8f39c  Merge pull request #146 from apache/geertjanw-patch-36
     new 77c2441  Updated images in tables
     new 41c81e2  Add files via upload
     new 68e29a4  Merge pull request #147 from apache/geertjanw-patch-37
     new 4fa6bd5  Add files via upload
     new c6e1da0  Merge pull request #148 from apache/geertjanw-patch-38
     new c00c7fc  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 8c72ab1  Merge pull request #149 from apache/geertjanw-patch-38-1
     new 63c6d7a  Removed tables
     new a38a211  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 4db0ede  Merge pull request #150 from apache/geertjanw-patch-39
     new 5d0032c  Removed weird space
     new 39f6e96  Add files via upload
     new ba284a2  Merge pull request #151 from apache/geertjanw-patch-40
     new 3803565  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 81437d7  Merge pull request #152 from apache/geertjanw-patch-41
     new 3ffcff9  Solved some minor headings
     new b3eed48  Add files via upload
     new e35e31a  Merge pull request #153 from apache/geertjanw-patch-42
     new 433b8f0  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new e63afa8  Add files via upload
     new a15f88f  Merge pull request #154 from apache/geertjanw-patch-43
     new 070acd7  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 3a23f41  Merge pull request #155 from apache/geertjanw-patch-43-1
     new a2cbc62  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new e93011d  Merge pull request #156 from apache/geertjanw-patch-44
     new 3a1c8cd  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 8d4abd5  Merge pull request #157 from apache/geertjanw-patch-45
     new 7a65056  [NETBEANS-1867] Borders around tutorial images
     new d377759  Some shadows to those borders
     new f098363  Merge pull request #158 from vieiro/feature/tutorial-image-borders
     new d0d2ab0  Update code-inspect.asciidoc
     new 55db130  Merge pull request #159 from apache/geertjanw-patch-46
     new 76764af  Update editor-inspect-transform.asciidoc
     new 24ac96f  Merge pull request #160 from apache/geertjanw-patch-47
     new b6c78e3  Update editor-inspect-transform.asciidoc
     new 608b409  Merge pull request #161 from apache/geertjanw-patch-48
     new 7fa3bba  Update index.asciidoc
     new 4f83418  Merge pull request #162 from apache/geertjanw-patch-49
     new bd4b6a9  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 44f1073  Merge pull request #163 from apache/geertjanw-patch-50
     new 609a8c8  Add files via upload
     new 2157ab0  Merge pull request #164 from apache/geertjanw-patch-51
     new bfbc739  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new e4b7c77  Merge pull request #165 from apache/geertjanw-patch-52
     new 5c19270  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 5750379  Merge pull request #166 from apache/geertjanw-patch-53
     new 2a2d629  Update quickstart.asciidoc
     new 869dd7a  Merge pull request #167 from apache/geertjanw-patch-54
     new a3a0987  Update javase-deploy.asciidoc
     new 29ad398  Merge pull request #168 from apache/geertjanw-patch-55
     new 80b11d4  Update javase-deploy.asciidoc
     new 180db7b  Merge pull request #169 from apache/geertjanw-patch-56
     new 726cb61  Update javase-embedded.asciidoc
     new d1de5ba  Merge pull request #170 from apache/geertjanw-patch-57
     new fcea19c  Add files via upload
     new 4b5f651  Merge pull request #171 from apache/geertjanw-patch-58
     new 89c1ae3  Update profiler-intro.asciidoc
     new cd2ba47  Merge pull request #172 from apache/geertjanw-patch-59
     new 42ee404  Update profiler-profilingpoints.asciidoc
     new 09b9583  Merge pull request #173 from apache/geertjanw-patch-60
     new 78e51e7  Update profiler-intro.asciidoc
     new af17492  Merge pull request #174 from apache/geertjanw-patch-61
     new 9fd20b1  Update profiler-profilingpoints.asciidoc
     new 9f7215b  Merge pull request #175 from apache/geertjanw-patch-62
     new 6c4c17d  Update junit-intro.asciidoc
     new 35d8595  Merge pull request #176 from apache/geertjanw-patch-63
     new 62d2906  Newline before features
     new 7fefb78  Update debug-visual.asciidoc

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