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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] johnyangk commented on a change in pull request #123: [NEMO-129] Support Beam's WindowedWordCount example
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2018 08:29:37 GMT
johnyangk commented on a change in pull request #123: [NEMO-129] Support Beam's WindowedWordCount

 File path: compiler/frontend/beam/src/main/java/org/apache/nemo/compiler/frontend/beam/
 @@ -198,11 +196,29 @@ private static void parDoMultiOutputTranslator(final TranslationContext
+  private static GroupByKeyTransform createGBKTransform(
+    final TranslationContext ctx,
+    final TransformVertex transformVertex) {
+    final AppliedPTransform pTransform = transformVertex.getNode().toAppliedPTransform(PIPELINE.get());
+    final PCollection<?> mainInput = (PCollection<?>)
+      Iterables.getOnlyElement(TransformInputs.nonAdditionalInputs(pTransform));
+    final TupleTag mainOutputTag = new TupleTag<>("main output");
 Review comment:
   Drop "main output"?
   According to the doc, the no-argument constructor seems to be preferred.
      * Constructs a new {@code TupleTag}, with a fresh unique id.
      * <p>This is the normal way {@code TupleTag}s are constructed.
     public TupleTag() {
       this(genId(), true);
      * Constructs a new {@code TupleTag} with the given id.
      * <p>It is up to the user to ensure that two {@code TupleTag}s with the same id
actually mean the
      * same tag and carry the same generic type parameter. Violating this invariant can lead
      * hard-to-diagnose runtime type errors. Consequently, this operation should be used
      * sparingly, such as when the producer and consumer of {@code TupleTag}s are written
in separate
      * modules and can only coordinate via ids rather than shared {@code TupleTag} instances.
Most of
      * the time, {@link #TupleTag()} should be preferred.
     public TupleTag(String id) {
       this(id, false);

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