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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] MyFaces Trinidad v2.1.1 Release
Date Thu, 05 May 2016 23:53:29 GMT
The Apache MyFaces team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
MyFaces Trinidad 2.1.1

MyFaces Trinidad is a JavaServer(tm) Faces component library compatible
with JSF 2.1

Apache MyFaces Trinidad is available in both binary and source
distributions and there are examples available as well:


Apache MyFaces Trinidad is available in the central Maven repository under
Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.trinidad"

Release Notes - MyFaces Trinidad - Version 2.1.1


    [TRINIDAD-2428] - rtl styles are getting overriden by non rtl styles
    [TRINIDAD-2429] - UIXCollection sets up the context when not necessary
    [TRINIDAD-2430] - ForEach looses varStatus data if JSP tags are not
    [TRINIDAD-2433] - unnecessary use of FacesContext in SkinProvider API
    [TRINIDAD-2437] - documentation about cilent side rules does not
mention about aliases
    [TRINIDAD-2443] - Reduce severity of component binding reuse message
    [TRINIDAD-2444] - Need pass through for newly supported placeholder
pseudo-element / classes
    [TRINIDAD-2446] - Trinidad varStatus does not expose a getStep method
    [TRINIDAD-2447] - UIComponent.isCompositeComponent() is slow for
    [TRINIDAD-2449] - warning logged for bad icons is internal - not
required for customers
    [TRINIDAD-2453] - MoveChildComponentChange fails to apply document
change for relocated component case
    [TRINIDAD-2457] - Servlet external context wrapper missing JSF 2 API
    [TRINIDAD-2466] - FileDownLoadActionListener does not work with
filenames with special characters on IE11
    [TRINIDAD-2469] - trinidad date picker selects previous day when using
lightweight dialogs
    [TRINIDAD-2470] - GenericConverterFactory needs to throw
TypeConversionException in response to exceptions during conversion
    [TRINIDAD-2472] - skin properties mentioned inside client rule are
getting applied
    [TRINIDAD-2474] - AutoSubmitUtils and XhtmlUtils can cause a thread
    [TRINIDAD-2475] - org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.CHECK_FILE_MODIFICATION
context parameter warning in non ProjectStage.Production
    [TRINIDAD-2477] - NoSuchElementException in UIXIterator.visitData
    [TRINIDAD-2478] - FileSystemStyleCache file modification checking not
    [TRINIDAD-2480] - Register Table's InternalState as
RowKeyChangeListener to CollectionModel
    [TRINIDAD-2482] - Trinidad date picker dialog doesn't open on ie 10 and
ie 11
    [TRINIDAD-2483] - UIXComponentELTag causes an exception in Glassfish
    [TRINIDAD-2484] - Threadsafety issue in SkinStyleProvider leading to
missing styles and distorted ui
    [TRINIDAD-2485] - Some attribute behaviors in
tr:validateDateRestriction donot match their documentation
    [TRINIDAD-2487] - NoSuchElementException in UIXIterator.visitData
(Issue #2)
    [TRINIDAD-2488] - NPE in TrinidadSkinProvider when base skin is not
included in skin def in trinidad-skins.xml
    [TRINIDAD-2489] - Incorrect filename displayed in Chrome while using
    [TRINIDAD-2490] - skin additions are not loaded for simple, minimal and
casablanca skins
    [TRINIDAD-2492] - Layout Tables to support Accessibility and OAG2.0
    [TRINIDAD-2495] - af:convertnumber: currencysymbol and currencycode
support is broken
    [TRINIDAD-2498] - ResourceServlet does not preserve outgoing headers
from URLConnection.
    [TRINIDAD-2499] - ChangeManager provides incorrect document location
for dynamic components
    [TRINIDAD-2500] - RequestContext.applicationScopedConcurrentMap pins
objects in memory
    [TRINIDAD-2504] - DateFormat.js incorrectly implements 'D' (day of
year) parsing
    [TRINIDAD-2506] - Ensure all the Trinidad Validators are compliant with
version 2 of JSF specification
    [TRINIDAD-2509] - For date pattern=yyyy:DDD HH:mm:ss, validation error
is thrown even when the date is selected from popup and is correct
    [TRINIDAD-2511] - rounding mode is not honoured on the client while
using number converter
    [TRINIDAD-2512] - Code changes to allow the use of font-family in CSS
(for CJK locales)
    [TRINIDAD-2523] - Agent Initialization in JavaScript does not support
    [TRINIDAD-2525] - IE 11 - Unsupported JavaScript methods are used in
    [TRINIDAD-2526] - Parent page not getting disable on opening child
window using modal dialog.
    [TRINIDAD-2528] - ValueChangeListener is not getting called on inputDate
    [TRINIDAD-2537] - Combination of Trinidad with MyFaces Core and Spring
WebFlow doesn't function
    [TRINIDAD-2538] - Assembly artifacts are not deployed on release:perform


    [TRINIDAD-2439] - Plugable configuration parameter provider
    [TRINIDAD-2448] - Optimize ChangeManager.createDocumentChange()
    [TRINIDAD-2464] - maintain selection order
    [TRINIDAD-2467] - FacesMessageWrapper and Skin Addition enhancements
    [TRINIDAD-2476] - needs to override subscribeToEvent
    [TRINIDAD-2496] - Support custom negative prefix and suffix on
    [TRINIDAD-2501] - Renderkit Test Improvements
    [TRINIDAD-2502] - Finish RenderKit Test Improvements so we can always
run all tests
    [TRINIDAD-2507] - Allow CoreRenderer to take part in broadcast of a
    [TRINIDAD-2510] - make SkinTestCase more extendable
    [TRINIDAD-2514] - Make isEmailMode check more lenient

New Feature

    [TRINIDAD-2459] - Addition of ValueUpdatedEvent + ValueUpdatedListener


Leonardo Uribe

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