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From Bjørn T Johansen <>
Subject ViewScoped bean created multiple times?
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2014 20:42:57 GMT
I trying to create a webapplication using request and/or viewscope instead of sessionscope,
which I have always used... (Neved needed to concern
myself with memory usage in the apps I have implemented.. :) )
But I now have a problem using @ViewScoped..
When I access index.xhtml which uses a managed bean in viewscope, the constructor is called
multiple times. And the same with an init method, that
should be called only once. I am using..:

    <f:viewAction action="#{calendarController.initPrices}" />


to call the init method, but I have also tried using f:event prerenderView and also @PostConstruct
but I am not able to make the bean call the init
method only once...

What am I missing?


Bjørn T Johansen
Someone wrote:
"I understand that if you play a Windows CD backwards you hear strange Satanic messages"
To which someone replied:
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