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From "" <>
Subject Re: FlowScope beans are being added to the FlowScope.
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2014 07:54:25 GMT
On 04/07/2014 06:52, Paul Spencer wrote:
> MyFaces 2.2.3 &  2.2.4
> jetty-maven-plugin:8.1.15.v20140411
> FlowScope beans are being added to the FlowScope.  I suspect this is related to the message
>    org.apache.myfaces.util.ExternalSpecifications isCDIAvailable
>    INFO: MyFaces CDI support disabled
> What dependencies are need to enable CDI?
I use DeltaSpike 1.0.0 with MyFaces 2.2.4 and OpenWebBeans 1.2.2 on 
tomcat 7 (7.0.39).

Apart from the fact that this stack performs well and has some nice 
extras, such as vdl.createComponent, the main advantage I see in using 
it is that people from those projects work together with those 
components. So it is easier to get support.

I also use PrimeFaces and OmniFaces, but it seems to me that their 
development is less tightly coupled (especially for omnifaces, as it 
seems to me that BalusC is glassfish/weld oriented).

I can send you my pom.xml if this can help you.

Best regards,


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