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From Alexey Shakov <>
Subject Apache ExtVal: Annotation "@BeanValidation(useGroups = SkipValidation.class)" has no effect for properties, annotated with @Column
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2013 13:11:32 GMT
Hi *,

I use Annotation "@BeanValidation(useGroups = SkipValidation.class)" on 
my action method to ignore the validation constraints, if it getting 
called from JSF-facelet.

I've noticed, that this annotation works good for "standalone" 
constraints, such as @NotNull or @Size, but not for @Column.
In my case, I have a Hibernate-Entity with a name-property, annotated 
like this:

@Column(name="NAME", length=80, nullable=false)
private String name;

This property is getting always validated (length and not-null check), 
regardless of "@BeanValidation(useGroups = 
SkipValidation.class)"-annotation on corresponding action method.

What is a reason for this behavior? Did I misunderstand something?

(I use MyFaces 2.1.13, MyFaces extval 2.0.7, hibernate-validator 

Thanks for any help,


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