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From "Howard W. Smith, Jr." <>
Subject Re: JSF Performance: Mojarra improves dramatically with latest release
Date Wed, 22 May 2013 01:33:34 GMT
Forgot to mention (below/inline)

On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 9:19 PM, Howard W. Smith, Jr. <> wrote:

> Agreed/understood..MyFaces is 'still' faster than the enhanced Mojarra.
> I just like MyFaces users/list to see/know what others are saying and what
> others are trying to achieve.
> I migrated from Mojarra to MyFaces, months ago, after reading a similar
> blog and being advised by some other/expert JSF developers to 'try' MyFaces
> since/when Mojarra fails at this/that.
> With all that said, would MyFaces (committers) rather just wait for
> Mojarra to keep-on-improving and possibly/eventually perform better than
> MyFaces...before MyFaces become concerned, or this latest Mojarra
> performance enhancement really does not concern MyFaces committers? :)
Just sharing... I tend to be 'very' loyal to a 'brand' if I find success
with/via that brand. So, when I first started developing JSF web app, of
course, I was using 'Oracle's NetBeans, Glassfish, and Mojarra (reference
implementation 'bundle' So, when I saw 'try' MyFaces in
PrimeFaces forum, I used to be 'very' opposed to leaving this Mojarra
(brand) and going off to 'try' another brand (MyFaces).

Finally, 'try' MyFaces and blog about performance comparison between
wicket, MyFaces, and Mojarra...had me sold to finally 'try' MyFaces. Yes,
it was a struggle, migrating from Mojarra to myFaces, but I have been
pleased ever since, and honestly, I prefer 'not' to go back to the RI,
Mojarra, if I can help it.

I have heard/read/seen some popular/known JSF experts prefer/recommend
Mojarra and even contribute to Mojarra by reporting
issues/bugs/defects/etc..., but when I think back, I seem to recall 'more'
Mojarra bugs than I remember 'MyFaces' bugs (that 'impacted me and my JSF
web app').

So, with all that said...I'm sure you know where I stand. :)

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