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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: Problem converting custom components from mojarra to myfaces
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2013 15:18:05 GMT

Without a reference of the code, it is impossible to say anything about it.
I suppose the problem is your code make some assumptions about how
the ids are generated and obviously in MyFaces the strategy used to
generate ids is different but is compliant with the spec.

I can remember this issue:
UIData.getClientId() should not append rowIndex, instead use

Maybe you are stepping onto this? (note it has been discussed long time ago
and the decision made still is valid).


Leonardo Uribe

2013/2/14 <>:
> On 14/02/2013 12:27, Karl Kildé–š wrote:
>> Hello!
>> We have decided to upgrade to myfaces. Problem: We have about 30 or so in
>> house components and a lot of things stopped working. Here's a concrete
>> problem we would really appreciate some help with:
>> we use onDoubleClick on our datatable and our js function receives:
>> tr#tableRow:inbox:supplierInvoicesTable:0:0.odd      <-- Mojarra
>> tr#tableRow:inbox:supplierInvoicesTable:0.odd        <-- Myfaces
>> Now the number is the row, no Idea why mojarra puts another number in there
>> but our code is adapted to it. Any idea why there's a difference? We of
>> course needs our own components to a) work and b) be vendor independent.
>> Obviously a mistake to never test it with myfaces during development.
>> Further autogenerated ids, I sadly suspect that people have hardcoded in
>> generated ids in the components from mojarra - I assume those will break as
>> well?
> Dear Karl,
> are our in house components :
> * facelet tag files ;
> * composite components ;
> * "real" custom components ?
> BalusC explains those types in his reply to this question :
> Best regards,
> Ludovic
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