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From titou10 titou10 <>
Subject Re: Re: [CODI] CODI jar in ear/lib with a WAR = fail in WebSphere v8.5
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 21:50:04 GMT
I was copied  in my previous mail...

"Avoid trouble: CDI is only supported with the default WebSphere
Application Server class loader policy, Class loader for each WAR file
in application, and not with the alternative, single class loader for
application setting."

2013/1/17 Thomas Herzog <>:
> I have read the doc in the link you have added but i dot not see your problem clear.
Please copy paste the part you mean it says only classloader policy module is supportet by
> Send via Samsung Galaxy S2titou10 titou10 <> hat geschrieben:-
 PARENT_FIRST on all classloaders: same here
> - In the very simple ear described before, we just have 1 war module
> and the codi jar in ear/lib. The application does not start. There is
> no CNF or unsatisfied link exceptions. Just the NPE in
> JsfRequestLifecycleBroadcaster due to "this.phaseEvent" being null.
> Using "WAR classloader policy" to "application" make it to start but
> it is not supported by "CDI in WebSphere". Sorry for my previous
> statement that was not clear, on the page in the WAS infocenter given
> previously. The is not supported by "CDI in WebSphere" as stated in
> the link given previsouly, this is what I meant in my first post
> (sorry for my previous statement that was not clear) . Only "WAR
> classloader policy = module" is supported: (Quote from infocenter)
> "Avoid trouble: CDI is only supported with the default WebSphere
> Application Server class loader policy, Class loader for each WAR file
> in application, and not with the alternative, single class loader for
> application setting."
> - in this scenario, no need to change the WAR/ file as the
> codi jar file is in ear/lib and there is no other dependent jar at the
> "root" level of the ear
> I'm very interested in seeing the way your app is packaged. I can also
> send you our very simple ear file
> Q: In your your apps, do you use "WAR classloader policy =application"
> (=1 classloader) or "=Module" (2 classloaders).
> The exception:
> Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
>     at org.apache.myfaces.extensions.cdi.jsf.impl.listener.phase.JsfRequestLifecycleBroadcaster.broadcastBeforeEvent(
>     at org.apache.myfaces.extensions.cdi.jsf.impl.listener.phase.JsfRequestLifecyclePhaseListener.beforePhase(
>     at org.apache.myfaces.lifecycle.PhaseListenerManager.informPhaseListenersBefore(
>     at org.apache.myfaces.lifecycle.LifecycleImpl.executePhase(
>     ... 29 more
> 2013/1/17 Thomas Herzog <>:
>> We are working on was and are using codi and deltaspike and we do have the
jars in ear lib.
>> We do have application classloader and parent first and works.
>> One problem was that tha modules must have manifest entries to their depended modules.
>> E.g.: webmodule must have manifest entries for serviceImpl and serviceAPI. Otherwise
a UnsatifiedResolution will occur because cdi would not be able to find the implementation.
>> I do not understand what you mean with not supported by cdi ?
>> Its no standard owb but codi and deltaspike are working. We faced classloading issues
but normal for websphere ;-)
>> Kep me notified and tomorow i can give you a detail about our config.
>> Send via Samsung Galaxy S2titou10 titou10 <> hat geschrieben:Hello,
>> I'm still experimenting with CODI and WebSphere v8.5.0.1 without success
>> Our "standard" ear deployements scheme  is:
>> ear
>>   - 1 ejb.jar module
>>   - 1 war module
>>   - lib
>>     - 1 jpa.jar module
>>     - dependent jar (like codi..)
>> WAS normally uses 2 levels of application class loaders : 1 per WAR
>> and 1 per application as the parent of the previosu one. It can be
>> configure to use only one per application (all modules + war in the
>> same classloder) but it is not supported by CDI (OWB under the hood)
>> in WAS as explained here:
>> A simple ear file as this one fails to start in WAS v8.5.0.1 :
>> ear
>> - war (even with no java at all in it)
>> - lib
>>    myfaces-extcdi-bundle-jsf20-1.0.5.jar
>> It fails with a NPE in
>> org.apache.myfaces.extensions.cdi.jsf.impl.listener.phase.JsfRequestLifecycleBroadcaster
>> line 58.
>> JsfRequestLifecycleBroadcaster :
>> ...
>> 43  @Inject
>> 44  private Event<PhaseEvent> phaseEvent;
>>   ...
>> 54 void broadcastBeforeEvent(PhaseEvent phaseEvent)
>> 55 {
>> 56  this.facesPhaseId = phaseEvent.getPhaseId();
>> 58,
>> true)).fire(phaseEvent);
>>   ...
>> On line 58 at application startup, "this.phaseEvent" is null.
>> This seems to be due to a classloader problem:
>> - If I configure the app to use only 1 classloader for the whole app,
>> it works (but not supported by WAS/CDI/OWB implementation as stated
>> above)
>> - If I package the CODI jar in WEB-INF/lib. It works... but the
>> classes in our EJB module later will not "see" CODI artefacts. Not
>> feasible for us
>> - I can package the CODI jar + the EJB module in WEB-INF/lib: Not
>> feasable has will we EJB timers and other ejb related things that are
>> restricted by this kind of packaging
>> - I also trie to use the specific package, ie putting the jsf CODI
>> module in WEB-INF/lib but classes in EJB will use some CODI
>> annotations.. So not a solution for us
>> So up to now, CODI is still a no-go and we hope DeltaSpike wil lnot
>> suffer the same problem in the future
>> Q: Is this kind of packaging supported? Do anyone use this kind of
>> packaging with success? maybe with another application server?
>> I can provide a very simple EAR file to demonstrate this with the
>> resulting startup stacktrace and/or create a JIRA with the details
>> Thx in advance

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