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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: Cannot reset buffer after response has been committed && JspViewDeclarationLanguageStrategy
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2012 12:25:45 GMT

TA >> i get following error if i try to open a page, which does not exist:
TA >> Cannot reset buffer after response has been committed
TA >>>>
TA >> As far as i can see, the JspViewDeclarationLanguageStrategy handles the
TA >> "null" viewId and if i return "false" in #isHandle, it works without
TA >> problems.
TA >> Why JspViewDeclarationLanguageStrategy handles also the "null" viewId?

There are some compatibility tests that requires this behavior.
Anyway, it is always necessary set a viewId for a valid view.

2012/7/25 Thomas Andraschko <>:
TA >> I created an issue after analzing the original problem:
TA >>
TA >>
TA >> Should i also create an issue because disable SUPPORT_JSP_AND_FACES_EL
TA >> requires to set the EXPRESSION_FACTORY? Or is it be design?

When JSP is enabled, facelets can take the ExpressionFactory
implementation from it, but when it is disabled, it is necessary to
indicate which one is used, because there is no algorithm to scan for
ExpressionFactory implementations.

TA >> Ah, sorry! I got another exception now:
TA >>
TA >> javax.faces.FacesException: Cannot find a valid PDL for view id null.
TA >>
TA >> So the third question is, isn't there any viewId == null check?

There is no check for null in that part, by compatibility reasons, so
even if a check is reasonable we can't include it. The exception is


Leonardo Uribe

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