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From "Scott O'Bryan" <>
Subject Re: [TRINIDAD] JQuery (was: Trinidad is dead -- what do you use instead?)
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 12:14:41 GMT
Yeah, something like this MIGHT work in the case where the styles
'fit' the current DOM.  You're right that there is a lot of
flexibility there.

In any case, I think this approach (integrating theme-roller) has the
most merit because, instead of rewriting Trinidad's JS, we simply
allow JQuery and Trinidad to co-exist under a common look and feel. :D

Now for the $1,000,000 question.  Who wants to do it?


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On Jun 21, 2012, at 3:25 AM, Leonardo Uribe <> wrote:

> Hi
> Going back to TRINIDAD-2120, I have seen that is not really necessary to
> create a parser. Instead we can use trinidad skinning code to do that. For
> example:
> .AFDarkBackground:alias {
>    background-color: -tr-property-ref(".ui-widget-header","color");
> }
> .AFDarkAccentBackground:alias {
>    -tr-rule-ref: selector(".ui-widget-content");
> }
> Trinidad skinning is already able to read any css and use it to derive
> another skin.
> I also tried to override a rendered using this hack:
> The idea was override <tr:document> to include jQuery script. It works.
> We could do a "mixed" strategy. Create a custom RenderKit for trinidad,
> but only override some specific renderers. Also, create a "template" theme
> like is proposed in TRINIDAD-2120 and add it as a skin addition. For
> example:
>    <skin>
>        <id>cupertino.desktop</id>
>        <family>cupertino</family>
>        <render-kit-id>org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.desktop</render-kit-id>
>        <style-sheet-name>skins/themeroller/cupertino/jquery-ui-1.8.21.custom.css</style-sheet-name>
>    </skin>
>    <skin-addition>
>        <skin-id>cupertino.desktop</skin-id>
>        <style-sheet-name>skins/themeroller/trinidad-theme.css</style-sheet-name>
>    </skin-addition>
>    <skin-addition>
>        <skin-id>cupertino.desktop</skin-id>
>        <style-sheet-name>skins/themeroller/layout.css</style-sheet-name>
>    </skin-addition>
> In that way, you can still use ThemeRoller app / jQuery UI CSS
> Framework to create
> your own skin, and apply it transparently in trinidad.
> So, our first task would be try apply a themeroller skin into
> Trinidad, without change any renderer.
> Then, optionally we can try to change the component renderers to use
> some jquery widgets.
> WDYT? Suggestions are welcome.
> regards,
> Leonardo Uribe
> 2012/6/21 Leonardo Uribe <>:
>> Hi
>> I see. We could try that. What I like about that idea is that it
>> reduce the amount of files to be created, and at the end sounds less
>> restrictive and go aligned with the efforts in TRINIDAD-2120.
>> Also, here we have the whole point of the discussion. If we can take
>> some skins and include them in Trinidad, do we really need jQuery
>> inside Trinidad? For example, Trinidad casablanca skin look very good,
>> and it does not suppose use any additional js at all. Note that does
>> not means you cannot use jQuery together with Trinidad, but if you
>> have a way to convert ThemeRoller skins into Trinidad, the code
>> created with jQuery UI could be mixed in a transparent way with
>> Trinidad, because the L & F will look the same. At the end, we could
>> change the question about use jQuery or not into this question: How we
>> can use jQuery UI and create custom widgets and have the same skin
>> applied when using JSF + Trinidad?.
>> regards,
>> Leonardo Uribe
>> 2012/6/20 Scott O'Bryan <>:
>>> Right.  That's kind of why I suggested a style sheet parser.  The idea
>>> is to take some of the styles generated by file roller (the ones that
>>> we can) and use them to generate a Trinidad skinning file.
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>>> On Jun 20, 2012, at 11:42 AM, Leonardo Uribe <> wrote:
>>>> Hi Walter
>>>> Yes, I know that. There is no stopper that could avoid us to use the
>>>> datepicker widget, but note to limit the scope of the work, it sounds
>>>> more convenient to take some styles from that widget and make them
>>>> "fit" in the current implementation. It will take less time and
>>>> effort. Later, we could try to see if we can use the widget.
>>>> regards,
>>>> Leonardo Uribe
>>>> 2012/6/20 Walter Mourão <>:
>>>>> Hi Leonard,
>>>>> I did not understand very well.
>>>>> Just take what's useful of
>>>>>> jQuery (css stuff) and forget about the rest.
>>>>> How about the components ? Do you mean we can 'decorate' the inputs and
>>>>> other things using only the CSS ? The
>>>>> datepicker<>,
>>>>> for example, needs some javascript..
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Walter Mourão
>>>>> On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 12:58 PM, Leonardo Uribe <>
>>>>>> Hi
>>>>>> I think it is possible, but note Trinidad skins has a lot more
>>>>>> details. In theory
>>>>>> you could extract the meta-info of the skin and try to generate a
>>>>>> skin,
>>>>>> from a parametrized template, but it is necessary to adjust tha
>>>>>> template "at hand".
>>>>>> For example, I tried to take casablanca skin, because its selectors
>>>>>> more
>>>>>> simple to understand.
>>>>>> The idea about create a custom RenderKit from scratch sounds like
a lot of
>>>>>> work,
>>>>>> but if we make some simplifications it could be possible. After all,
>>>>>> it should be
>>>>>> possible to reuse code from other renderkits. What I like about this
>>>>>> is we can do
>>>>>> it without change any trinidad internals at all. Just take what's
useful of
>>>>>> jQuery (css stuff) and forget about the rest.
>>>>>> Sounds like something doable in a reasonable amount of time, and
maybe it
>>>>>> is
>>>>>> something with high priority, given the amount of people interested.
>>>>>> After all, for
>>>>>> now MyFaces Core is in good shape, and there is some time until JSF
>>>>>> regards,
>>>>>> Leonardo Uribe
>>>>>> 2012/6/19 Scott O'Bryan <>:
>>>>>>> +1.  Theme roller would be cool.  The problem is the current
>>>>>>> selectors.  I'm wondering if themeroller themes couldn't be parsed
>>>>>>> into a skin.
>>>>>>> Sent from my iPhone
>>>>>>> On Jun 19, 2012, at 8:08 AM, Leonardo Uribe <>
>>>>>>>> Hi
>>>>>>>> Interesting question. In my opinion, the most interesting
part to use
>>>>>>>> from jQuery is its jQuery UI CSS Framework. Why? because
defining some
>>>>>>>> small set of selectors and a "standard" html structure to
apply them,
>>>>>>>> you can create a custom skin using ThemeRoller application.
I tried to
>>>>>>>> do something as a "proof of concept" in
>>>>>>>> , but
after some
>>>>>>>> time I found that anyway it is necessary to create a whole
>>>>>>>> that can fit better with jQuery UI. In that way, some good
>>>>>>>> Trinidad already has will be lost, because jQuery UI is the
one who
>>>>>>>> impose the restrictions. At the end you can't have everything.
In my
>>>>>>>> opinion, I would take only jQuery UI CSS Framework, even
if that means
>>>>>>>> lose some functionality in that mode. Change Trinidad internals
to use
>>>>>>>> jQuery is overkill.
>>>>>>>> Suggestions are welcome.
>>>>>>>> regards,
>>>>>>>> Leonardo Uribe
>>>>>>>> 2012/6/19  <>:
>>>>>>>>> Hello Everyone
>>>>>>>>> I am a JSF and Trinidad Newbie, I just joined a project
at work where
>>>>>> it's going to be using Trinidad. I was assigned a task to design
some forms
>>>>>> and so far I haven't had the best experience with Trinidad, The Date
>>>>>> keeps giving me errors even though I use the same code as the Trinidad
>>>>>> Showcase(
>>>>>> The Tabbed Panel is not rendering but its showing the content. My
>>>>>> conclusion is I'm having issues with components that use JavaScript
>>>>>> the Tree and there are no errors showing on Firebug. Please Help,
I'm not
>>>>>> sure where I'm going wrong.
>>>>>>>>> My Opinion:
>>>>>>>>> Trinidad looks like a great component library for JSF,
but I think its
>>>>>> documentation can use some upgrade, it's confusing for a newbie like
>>>>>> There is no simple starting point, e.g. a basic guide, where it going
>>>>>> show basic steps to follow, like Primefaces Guide(
>>>>>> When I played around with
>>>>>> Primefaces everything was straightforward but I wish to utilize Trinidad.
>>>>>>>>> Missing Components:
>>>>>>>>> Some will agree with me when I say I think a time picker
needs to be
>>>>>> added to the Trinidad Library.
>>>>>>>>> An improved Date Picker would be a plus, Compare the
JQuery Date
>>>>>> picker and the Trinidad Date Picker.
>>>>>>>>> Just My Opition
>>>>>>>>> Thank You
>>>>>>>>> Siya
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