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From "Scott O'Bryan" <>
Subject [TRINIDAD] JQuery (was: Trinidad is dead -- what do you use instead?)
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2012 12:38:02 GMT
;). I was wondering when this discussion was going to rear it's ugly
head again.  ;)

If I remember correctly, the *discussion* was kind of inconclusive on
this.  Many people were excited and, having used JQuery, I can see
why.  There were, however, several issues which needed to be
addressed.  Most notably Javascipt API compatibility and the inability
to quantify exactly what JQuery in Trinidad would gain us.

Some of the guys I work with did some work researching JQuery and
although it's terribly convenient and standardized, we did notice some
performance issues in the fundamentals of the system.  Nothing serious
for the average JavaScript user, but when combined with the complexity
of ADFFaces (a Trinidad Derivative), the performance difference was

If we want to open up this discussion again, I, for one, would invite
it but at the least I think we're going to be looking at a "plugable"
solution and we really need to ask ourselves what we would gain from
such an endeavor.


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On Jun 19, 2012, at 12:48 AM, Tobias Eisentrager
<> wrote:

> I have used Trinidad to develop a couple production applications which are
> now in the maintenance phase - and am quite happy with it. The hard part
> for me was to adapt the css and js which came with the components. It's
> difficult to adapt the components to your existing style. In my cases the
> time I saved with using the pre-made component library I spent customizing
> the layout.
> Nowadays I use:
> - MyFaces 2.1.1 Core
> - Custom Composite Component Library
> I find it easiest to just create your own composite components to achieve
> custom layout and behavior. There is a base template which brings in basic
> css, js and the layout. Then each component adds it's own little pieces of
> style and script.
> I use a heavy weight custom component every now and then, but for most use
> cases the CC's are enough.
> A couple months ago there was a discussion on this list about switching out
> the JS inside Trinidad to jQuery. I think that this would be a wonderful
> approach. One should create a component library which only uses jQuery JS
> and all components should use the jQuery UI. That way it would be easier to
> integrate them into existing applications. But maybe Primefaces already did
> that...
> -- Trinidad is dead. Long live Trinidad.
> Tobias Eisentraeger
> On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 2:56 AM, José Luis Cetina <>wrote:
>> I use:
>> PrimeFaces (UI library for JSF, excellent)
>> MyFaces Core
>> Apache TomEE
>> Apache CODI
>> Apache OpenJPA
>> EJB
>> PrettyFaces
>> iReport
>> MySQL
>> Etc...
>> El 18/06/2012 19:28, "Joachim Schrod" <> escribió:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Looking at the past few months, it's quite clear that the Trinidad
>>> project is dead for all practical purposes. Almost all emails on
>>> this mailing list concerning it are not answered. New releases are
>>> tagged in SVN, but nobody finds the time to actually do them. I.e.,
>>> there is neither an active user community nor an active developer
>>> community behind it. If one wants to use Trinidad, effectively, one
>>> has to become a major developer in that project.
>>> Well, shit happens; I'm active in open source development since 30
>>> years, and know how this happens. Luckily, it's better than its
>>> proprietary counterparts that close down the shop completely, when
>>> development interest fades.
>>> So, to the readers of this mailing list, how do you use JSF nowadays?
>>> -- Do you cope with the basic JSF components, that are made
>>>   available by MyFaces? Without trees, scrollable data tables,
>>>   and such?
>>> -- Do you use another component library (RichFaces, ICEFaces --
>>>   what else is available)?
>>> -- Have you skipped ship and moved to Wicket or other component
>>>   libraries / frameworks?
>>> I would be very much interested to hear how you do modern Web app
>>> development nowadays, with a full-fledged component library, not on
>>> the very basic HTML/JSF-level. Is JSF still the way to go?
>>> Thanks a lot for your input and your patience in discussing that issue.
>>>       Joachim
>>> --
>>> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
>>> Joachim Schrod, Roedermark, Germany
>>> Email:

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