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From Pavel Arnošt <>
Subject Re[2]: [CODI] ViewAccessScoped beans without windowId in URL
Date Thu, 10 May 2012 14:23:43 GMT
Hi all,
first, I apologize for double post, it looks like that Nabble gateway 
does not work very well, it nagged me with "could not deliver" messages 
and even now your messages are not available at Nabble 
Thanks for all your replies.
WindowContextConfig#isUrlParameterSupported is really sufficient for 
working ViewAccessScope without windowId in URL, I confused "creates 
new beans" with "invokes @PostConstruct at every request". And thats 
expected, as discussed at
I believe that windowId functionality is great, but on simple public 
pages such as "Give us feedback" or "Register with us", windowId 
parameter is a little ugly, losing of context with reload is not a 
problem here and ViewAccessScope is very handy for AJAX feedback.

------ Původní zpráva ------
Od: "Mark Struberg" <>
Komu: "MyFaces Discussion" <>
Odesláno: 10.5.2012 16:03:08
Předmět: Re: [CODI] ViewAccessScoped beans without windowId in URL
>Hi folks!
>We've done some intense testing and I really suggest to use the windowId url parameter
and also to use the ClientSideWindowhandler with the windowhandler.js and windowhandler.html
stuff. If you have customers/users which are used to open multiple browser tabs, then this
is the only perfectly working solution.
>Btw, the windowId in the URL doesn't make any problem because it will get checked against
the And if those doesn't fit then we just request a new windowId.
>----- Original Message -----
>>From: Rafael Pestano <>
>>To: MyFaces Discussion <>; Pavel Arnošt <>
>>Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2012 3:20 PM
>>Subject: Re: [CODI] ViewAccessScoped beans without windowId in URL
>>Hi Pavel,
>>WindowContextConfig#isUrlParameterSupported should be enough, does serverside
>>demo  work for you?
>>keep in mind that the bean will not survive to a redirect.
>>I hope it helps.
>>Rafael M. Pestano
>>Desenvolvedor Java Cia. de Processamento de Dados do Rio Grande do Sul
>>Graduando em Ciência da Computação UFRGS
>>De: Pavel Arnošt <>
>>Enviadas: Quinta-feira, 10 de Maio de 2012 9:41
>>Assunto: [CODI] ViewAccessScoped beans without windowId in URL
>>I already read documentation in the wiki and several old posts, but I
>>don't still get it - is it possible to use ViewAccessScoped beans
>>without windowId in URL? When I disable
>>WindowContextConfig#isUrlParameterSupported, windowId is gone but AJAX
>>calls now creates new bean instances on requests. In javadoc, there is
>>a note about "server-side window-handler", how can I use it?
>>Pavel Arnost

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