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From Udo Schnurpfeil <>
Subject Re: [Tobago] Is migration to Tobago 1.5.* recommended?
Date Mon, 21 May 2012 20:03:00 GMT
Hi Dom,

sorry for the late response.

Generally I encourage you to migrate to 1.5.x. I think you should update
JSF to 1.2 and Tobago to 1.5.x at the same time. That might be less
effort for programming and testing.

In special, it depends a little from you application, because we need
some API changes using the tc:tree. These changes we make in version 1.6.x.

If you are using the tree minor or not, you can migrate to 1.5.x and
later to 1.6.x with low effort.

If you are using the tree intensively, you may wait until 1.6.x will be

Both versions will contain bugfixes and important features for a while.



Am 12.04.12 13:13, schrieb
> Dear all,
> I will repeat my question: Would you recommend migrating from Tobago 1.0.* to Tobago
1.5.* at this time (1.5.4)?
> Furthermore, how would you suggest to proceed: First migrate to JSF 1.2, then to Tobago
1.5 (if that is possible), or migrate both at the same time?
> Thanks for your help,
> Dom
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>> Datum: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 05:40:07 +0100
>> Von:
>> An:
>> Betreff: [Tobago] Is migration to Tobago 1.5.* recommended?
>> Dear developers, dear all,
>> It is good to see that Tobago 1.5 has "lost" its beta status. Thanks for
>> all the work and time you put into the development. 
>> The question is, do you recommend migrating from Tobago 1.0.* to 1.5.* at
>> this stage? The migration guide
>> ( still says "work in progress".
So is there still information
>> missing in the guide, or is version 1.5.* not yet stable enough? Could you
>> please clarify?
>> Another suggestion: In the migration guide, you could list a few
>> advantages (and disadvantages) to motivate migration.
>> Thanks a lot.
>> Best,
>> Dom
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