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From Anatoly Bludov <>
Subject [Trinidad] Unsupported locale (Kazakh)
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 11:21:58 GMT

I have a problem with locale support in trinidad.

I depelop application with Oracle ADF. It must support several languages and Kazach language
too. But the inputDate elements isn't works properly, when I set value of faces locale to
"kk" or "kk_KZ". Popup window has open, but nothing appears after clicking on day number -
popup window isn't close and new value isn't appear in inputText element. There are no such
porblems while using other locales (such as 'en', 'ru' etc.).

As I think it is due to that the apache trinidad does not support the Kazakh language (the
jsLibs/resources/LocaleElements_kk doesn't exist).

Will there be support for the Kazakh language in the future? Is there a way to add support
for new language in an existing application?

Best Regards.

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