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From Max Starets <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Unsupported locale (Kazakh)
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 15:38:46 GMT

I am not aware of any plans to add support for Kazakh language 
unfortunately, and I do not think it can be done at the app level.
However, Trinidad is an open source project, so perhaps you could 
consider adding the translations yourself and submitting a JIRA with a 
patch? Note that you would need to worry not only about the 
LocaleElements, but also MessageBundle, LoggerBundle and 
TimeZoneDisplayNames (depending on the release you are using).

Let me know if you need instructions for building Trinidad source.

Max Starets

On 4/27/2012 7:21 AM, Anatoly Bludov wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem with locale support in trinidad.
> I depelop application with Oracle ADF. It must support several languages and Kazach language
too. But the inputDate elements isn't works properly, when I set value of faces locale to
"kk" or "kk_KZ". Popup window has open, but nothing appears after clicking on day number -
popup window isn't close and new value isn't appear in inputText element. There are no such
porblems while using other locales (such as 'en', 'ru' etc.).
> As I think it is due to that the apache trinidad does not support the Kazakh language
(the jsLibs/resources/LocaleElements_kk doesn't exist).
> Will there be support for the Kazakh language in the future? Is there a way to add support
for new language in an existing application?
> Best Regards.
> Anatol.

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