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From Michael Heinen <>
Subject Re: PPS ?
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 07:41:14 GMT
Thanks Werner for your quick repsonses.
Good to know, that it's not compatible with a4j/richfaces.

a4j contains some useful adons ( e.g. oncomplete for custom javascript 
calls after ajax calls, better queues, selfrendered outputpanels 
etcetc). It's too much effort at the moment to replace all ajax commands 
with standard components.


Am 03.04.2012 09:08, schrieb Werner Punz:
> Ok that is the explanation.
> Ajax4JSF introduces its own ajax lifecycle, it bypasses the standard 
> JSF Javascripts introduced with JSF 2.0. The question is more along 
> the lines, do you still need a4j or is the standard Ajax stuff enough.
> The blog entries I wrote about pps and the no_portlet_env only adheres
> to what MyFaces 2.x brings out of the box, I cannot speak about 
> extension frameworks there which run their own ajax lifecycle.
> Werner
> Am 02.04.12 16:18, schrieb Michael Heinen:
>> Hi Werner,
>> I tested various combinations with execute set to either @this or to
>> @region.
>> The usage of "myfaces.config.pps=true" does not result is less submitted
>> fields (checked with Fiddler2).
>> I use a4j:commandButtons (without children) for the submits.
>> myfaces.config.pps is set in the document head on initial page load,
>> right after "myfaces.config.no_portlet_env=true".
>> Michael

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