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From Cédric Durmont <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] "Best" Javascript package to use in a new render kit
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 15:04:23 GMT
Hi Walter,

Just my $0.02 here, but at my company we've been using Trinidad for 2
years now, and for one of our product we included DojoFaces (we needed
the autoSuggest component).
We eventually backpedalled and rewrote our own autosuggest component
based on Trinidad + facelets, and use sometimes some jquery plugins,
all for the following reasons :
- dojofaces autosuggest had limitations that were hard to overcome
(e.g. it stopped working if I tried to feed it with twice the same
value), and didn't work reliably (sometimes the list would not open,
for no apparent reason)
- dojo is a monolithic lib, which is quite large, to say the least.

Anyway, YMMV
Cedric Durmont

2012/3/30 Walter Mourão <>:
> Just a follow-up on my findings so far... I liked very much the template
> based approach of DojoFaces <> and it looks to me
> I can continue using the things I like in Trinidad (Dialogs, etc.) in
> conjunction with DojoFaces components without problems.
> Best regards,
> Walter Mourão
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