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From Gerald Turner <>
Subject Re: ExtVal BV question
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2012 19:47:27 GMT
Gerhard Petracek <> writes:
> please also describe the use-case for this feature.

I guess my Widget with option1 and option2 fields wasn't a very good

I could conjure up a typical password + passwordVerify validation combo,
but that wouldn't be realistic for JPA (persistent Registration

I'll give another example of a table I'm working with that functions
like a generic Map of name-value pairs.

There is an enum called Feature:

  enum Feature { Recording, MediaPreTransfer, MediaNoTransfer, ... }

There is a table called FeatureConfig that maps Features to String

  class FeatureConfig {

    Feature feature;

    String value;


There is a JSF for creating or modifying FeatureConfig, the page
contains two components, a h:selectOneMenu for the 'feature' property
and a h:inputText for the 'value' property.  Both components have a
h:message, and the entire form has a h:messages with globalOnly="true".

    <h:messages globalOnly="true"/>

    <h:selectOneMenu id="feature" value="#{edit.config.feature}">
      <f:selectItems value="#{constants.features}"/>
    <h:message for="feature"/>

    <h:inputText id="value" value="#{edit.config.value}"/>
    <h:message for="value"/>

    <h:commandButton value="Submit" actionListener="#{}"/>

The behavior should be that the message component for feature should
trigger if feature is not selected (@NotNull), and message should
trigger for value if value is empty (@NotEmpty), and furthermore message
for value should trigger for the following conditions:

  • Selected Feature is Recording, and Value is not an integer between 0
    and 100.

  • Selected Feature is one of the Media* types, and Value is not a URL.

I would like a JSR303 multi-field ConstraintValidator called
FeatureConfigValid that has something like the following isValid

  public boolean isValid(FeatureConfig config,
                         ConstraintValidatorContext ctx) {
    boolean valid = true;
    String value = config.getConfig();
    switch (config.getFeature()) {
      case Recording:
        if (!isNumeric(value, 0, 100)) {
          valid = false;

      case MediaPreTransfer:
      case MediaNoTransfer:
        if (!isURL(value)) {
          valid = false;
    return valid;

The behavior is that instead h:message for 'value' being triggered (via
ConstraintViolation propertPath linkage), the global h:messages is being
triggered.  Not too bad for this small example, but image a page full of
dozens of fields and more cross-field validations, it would put more
strain on the user to decipher the global messages and hunt down the
related fields (that aren't decorated as being invalid whatsoever).

Gerald Turner   Email:   JID:
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