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From Gerald Turner <>
Subject Re: ExtVal BV question
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2012 22:38:28 GMT
Gerhard Petracek <> writes:
> we could refactor [1] to support it. this add-on also performs the whole
> validation in the validation-phase ("similar" to the cross-validation
> module of extval itself).

I'm confused.  What does this add-on do that isn't builtin to bean-val?

Sorry but my exposure to ExtVal and MyFaces for that matter is very

The other day I ran across a stackoverflow¹ question that succinctly
asks the same thing I am looking for.  Somebody commented that ExtVal
handles this use-case.

Trying to figure out how to activate ModelValidation wasn't very easy,
until I found the slides² you wrote, I don't know German³, page 32 with
“@BeanValidation(modelValidation = @ModelValidation(isActive = true))”
was the big AHA! moment and ExtVal-BV was working :)  However back to
the stackoverflow question: it doesn't seem to take advantage of the
ConstraintViolation propertyPath.

³ Life-goal: learn German; Then I can geek out on many terabytes of lectures I'm missing out on!

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