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From "Milan Durovic" <>
Subject Re: tomahawk t:schedule not reacting to mouseListener setting
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 22:03:26 GMT
Thanks Georg,

I also looked into the definition of org.apache.myfaces.UISchedule and
tried replacing "mouseListener" attribute with mouseListenerExpression,
like here:

<t:schedule value="#{allEvents.model}" id="myEvents"
    rendered="true" readonly="false"
    theme="#{allEvents.theme}" tooltip="true"
    mouseListenerExpression="#{allEvents.clicked}" <=== see here

and finally I did get SOME response in the form of an error report due to
wrong wiring, but AT LEAST I could see that mouse event WAS being
delivered. I guess if I do the step you did, it would probably work. One
question: did you also change the name of the mouseListener t:schedule
attribute to mouseListenerExpression for this to work?

I think this is definitely a bug and I'll see if I can find out where to
report it to Tomahawk team. This component is very useful and handling
mouse events properly is very important.


PS. While I'm aware of the role of tag handlers in JSF, I never actually
studied in detail the mechanics of how they are wired with the rest.

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